MZ-21 (9M22S) magnesium rounds are currently being used on Azovstal to attempt and burn up the defenders.

MZ-21 (9M22S) magnesium rounds are currently being utilized on Azovstal to attempt and melt away the defenders. use of_on/

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Russia is going to be persona non grata when this ‘Special Operation’ is over. NOBODY is going to want to deal with them, negotiate with them, trade with them…..Great job, Putin, you sick,twisted little shit.

So the intent is to burn all of the surface oxygen, which further diminishes the already depleted subterranean oxygen levels?

When you didn’t think the Russian army could get any lower, they manage to prove everyone wrong.

I’m confused by the situation at this plant. Are the Azov fighters permeantly stuck underground as they are sieged above, or are there able to go above and fight/shoot, but just can’t leave the plant area as they are surrounded?

I wonder, do they realize that they will never, ever be forgiven for what they do against Ukrainian cities?

How horrible. Russia it’s time for you to go home. You have shown the world how cruel you can be, and to never trust anything a Russian tells you.

This is like the Alamo in real time. Horrible. It’s very important to remember these people and what they endured for their country

Russia needs to lose this war so badly that it doesn’t try again for a long time.

I know realistically they will die absolute heroes for their country but I cant help but hope to see them alive and be absolute icons for their people and live happy lives 🙁

One of those moments you’re actually shocked you get to see. Modern warfare and today’s visibility of it are wild

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