MyPillow Dude Receives Indicted MAGA Clerk In Even More Difficulty

MyPillow Male Will get Indicted MAGA Clerk In Even More Difficulties

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> “How much is that?” the 9NEWS reporter asked.

>“I don’t know, I probably put in 3, 4, 5, maybe $800,000 of my own money,” Lindell replied.

>Under the section of the Colorado’s Constitution cited in Landman’s ethics complaint, the maximum amount or value of a donation/gift is $65.

Fucking criminals.

In the end, MAGAs can successfully nominate rapists and murders (at least FAR more openly now) and if Democrats can’t beat them then I am going to Yellowstone and praying for the apocalypse, fuck this dumb rock

I love how everybody knows this hack by the moniker “My Pillow Guy.” Every time people think of what a horrible, delusional fool he is, his dumb company gets tarnished further.

>The Colorado Independent Ethics Commission (EIC) on Tuesday approved an ethics complaint against Peters filed by a citizen named Anne Landman, who had previously filed two other complaints against the clerk that have also been approved by the EIC.

Is an “ethic complaint” even real trouble? It sounds very abstract and artificial to me. I doubt it has any real bite

I have an irrational fear of using Lindell’s pillows. I’m afraid I’ll catch that schlub’s stupid from using them.

Hopefully he gives up the last president on a plea deal. This guy probably knows all of his illegal activities.

Can’t wait for Dominion to wipe the floor with this dangerous big mouthed fake Christian liar. I hope our legal system doesn’t let him move all his money around before he’s found guilty of defamation and has to pay up.

These people lack so much self-awareness they’ve become parodies of themselves. Even the way they set up the url/logo makes it look like it says “Illegal Fund”.

If these people weren’t so incredibly dangerous to our nation and world it would be high comedy at its best.

Hypothetically, how hilarious would it be if someone smothered the My Pillow bootlicker with one of his own shitty pillows?

The sheer hypocrisy and lack of shame is what galls me about the modern GOP. Dem and they’d want to toss them in jail, find a link to Soros and Clinton and no stopping the Fox News whine 24/7 of corruption and danger to democracy. It’s truly pathetic. If this was a Dem, I’d be first in line to want to prosecute them.

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