My thumb nail has ridges.

My thumb nail has ridges.

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Please? Post this on some anti vax Q conspiracist website. They will lose their fucking minds over this. Say it’s happened since the 5G network went online…Report back with the wildest theory.

while this can be a sign of a nutrient deficiency (mention to your primary, get your blood work done as normal), this in general is very common. so common in fact that this is why nail polish companies make smoothing base coats.

Mine too, both of my thumbs actually. It’s usually caused by nail bed trauma (in my case psoriasis) and is usually nothing to worry about just weird. Asking your GP never hurts though.

Medscape just had an article on this. For “beads that drop down nail like wax” the differentials were B vitamin deficiencies (are you vegetarian or celiac or gastric bypass?), diabetes, thyroid disorders, and Addison’s disease.

I’d go in for lab work and ask for A1C, TSH to free T4, morning serum cortisol, and b vitamin levels.

I have those exact same ridges. I thought it was normal, since I’ve had them forever. Kind of surprised at the lack of commenters saying that it’s normal and everyone has them.

I had odd spots like that on my nail and it turned out to be squeamous cell carsinoma insitu. Doc removed the nail and the growth and all is well. 6 months post removal and the nail is about a quarter back.

I just suddenly have this on every single fingernail but not breaks in the ridges. I told the doctor, and they don’t care. My bloodwork is uninteresting.

They seem to chalk it up to aging, but I thought it was strange that it happened all at once. It’s like someone ran my fingers through a crimper.

Hi, I’m a nail tech. Ridges that grow in this direction are usually cause by aging and/or damage to your nail matrix (the area in your finger that creates the nail). Damage from smashing the finger or repeated hard work, small cuts, things like that. Nothing to worry about and it’s completely normal even for a younger person.

Why has no one pointed out this can be caused by an underlying illness? Anything from ringworm to cancer can cause this. OP needs to get checked out by a doctor ASAP.

All of my nails have solid lines / ridges (not broken lines like this) that go all the way from cuticle to tip. That’s also how they break when I break one. They split down one of those lines and not across. No, I can’t see a doctor about it. I live in the US.

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