My Relatives Disowned Me Because Of Roblox

I jumped out of mattress as soon as my telephone alarm went off. I might been constantly waking up at 2:00 am to play Roblox till about 5:00 in the early morning. Then I might go back again to bed and slumber until eventually it was time for school. I was so sleepy through the working day, but I would even now wake up at night to participate in Roblox due to the fact I savored it so a great deal. Just one evening, while playing Roblox in the darkish in a full trance, the light in my room all of a sudden turned on. I received caught!


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My brother is addicted to roblox He even spend $62 For roblox Without asking my mom forPermissionI immediately saw my brother spending money on Roblox I told my mother quick she went into the room And caught my brother But Here was the weird partMy mom just said to rocky don't do it again My mom got on to my xbox immediately disconnect her card off of my ConsoleAnd I was surprised that My Brother got off the hook When I go to YouTube and see parents reactions when their kids spend money on Video games they will like do crazyMy brother was very lucky My Dad How to talk with My brother and I was still surprised like My brother Shouldn't got in trouble You should Got into so much trouble Like he Should Get his phone taken away for like months or even get his phone disconnected Or even Have roblox Uninstalled And here is the weird part My brother Was just 7 When he did this

What Ricky did was awful, but the punishment doesn't fit the deed or the consequence of those actions. If his grandmother can be this forgiving and knowing she is ok, then the parents should not have disowned him. That's extreme and while I am not justifying Ricky's actions, addiction is a serious illness in which case you NEED family and support to beat it. I hate saying it, but the fact that they disowned the poor kid hints that their relationship was not that great to begin with and it may be the reason he turned to Roblox to escape reality.

Man im ADDICTED to roblox. When i dont have school i played from 7 am to 4 AM. And my parents seem to like it. When i play the game and i need to eat, mom brings the food to me instead of calling me to the dining table. And if i need to eat at dining table than i could decline it if i want. But me only sleeping, eating and playing roblox for to much will probably accept it.

Is he using his grandma bruh-😂😂😂
(Not a hater I love ur channel!!!)
I watched literally all ur vids I swear I checked all ur vids and all of them is either half watched or fully watched

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