My father was in the ICU for 4 times with round-the-clock neurological treatment. This was our day-to-day invoice

My father was in the ICU for 4 days with spherical-the-clock neurological treatment. This was our day by day monthly bill

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I spent just over 3 months at that hospital. After the 2nd week I didn’t get many visitors as no one wanted to pay for the parking, lol. I must have spent hundreds at the 2nd floor Timmies but the hospital stay didn’t cost a cent of course.

Edit: London Health Science Center in London, Ontario Canada, Victoria Hospital.

It’s just the parking. They didn’t have to pay a thing for the care. Just the parking.

Some Scandinavian countries probably got you beat with a reimbursement for a taxi ride but not bad.

Nice! I pay $1600 USD monthly for my families crappy health insurance. My son needed to go to the e.r. we spent 3 hours there and only received some basic over the counter meds. Just got the bill and it’s $2,400.

I cut my finger with a chef’s knife while cutting onions. After waiting for 4 hours I finally got taken care of, $250 for the superglue and $40 for 2 Tylenol. Want to guess what country?

Next time I saved $285 by supergluing the cut myself. I should stay away from cutting onions

This is funny but for real a four day stay in the hospital has the potential to completely destroy the average American’s entire financial future

I spent 3 weeks in a hospital bed with a bad infection, then had a nurse visiting me 4 times a week while I was recovering at home for another month. I had hospital equipment provided for me at home to assist in recovery as well with supplies that were brought to me with each visit. I didn’t get charged anything. In fact, I didn’t even get a receipt for anything. Canadian as well.

Everyone jokes. But on a serious note, I had to have a spinal fusion right at the start of Covid. And I was there for 6 days including surgery. The insurance company sent me a bill for $84,000. After deductibles and all that, with my crappy plan, I still had a bill upwards of $10,000, plus what I pay weekly for my health insurance plan.

I would love to have paid only $12 a day for parking. This makes me want to cry. I will be paying off my surgery for years to come too. All to be able to live somewhat pain-free and be able to walk again. I guess it’s worth it in the long run. But short term, it sucks.


Literally me right now, not shitting you:
*Looks at $1200 cancer screening test bill to see if I have what my dad died of knowing this is not categorized as ‘preventative care’*

Must be nice not having to choose between going into crippling debt or letting someone die. Must be real nice.

Australia here. 7 days in the stroke ward. Total cost: $80 in parking fees.

It’s almost worth living in a communist hellhole. Anyway, off to go hitch a ride on a transport wagon to get to Great Leader Square so that I can queue for toilet paper before the mandatory Compliance Radio hour in 11am.

A Uncle of mine spent 2 days in Hospital after having his Colon removed and cancer. Bill..$0. Thank You Canada!

Every time my wife and I leave Dana F, I say the same thing… we just went through a tough scan, appt, update … they should give you a coffee or cupcake or flower….no. They give you a partially paid parking pass. Then we cry on the ride home. It’s get more normal each time. Fuck cancer hard. See…a muffin would help.

Vancouver Canada 4 days in ICU and 6 more in hospital. No bill, no paperwork of any kind. Its pretty awesome.

I had brain surgery done to remove a tumor in downtown Toronto.

My team was an international team of highly trained doctors, including the main surgeon who works with the NFL, NBA and NHL.

I had Cranioplasty, craniotomy, total resection of the tumor, duramesh put in, two MRI’s, Two CT with contrast and four days in the ICB recovering.

I awoke with no issues, could speak, move, talk and was 15 on the GSC because of how talented my surgery team was. I was in a lot of pain, but I had a nurse with me 24/7.

It cost me $0. The only thing I did not get was a private room, which was about $10,000. So I was in a shared room with two nurses and four people.

When I got a quote from John Hopkins, they estimated it would be $250,000 not including travel and the surgeon said he doubted he could get the entire tumor because it was near the Sylvain Fissure.

The hospital I was in in Toronto didn’t look as nice as some in America, but the quality of care was amazing.

edit: My surgeon has almost 600 published research papers and over 19,000 citations. I would not have been able to even be seen by someone that skilled in most other countries around the world.

I used to complain about long hospital waits and appointments in Canada
However, when I see stuff like this, it reminds me of why I should be greatful. Now I just see it as someone who needs the hospital resource more than I do, and sharing it results in benefit for all.

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