Mugshots of people today arrested for rioting – Portland / Seattle

Mugshots of individuals arrested for rioting – Portland / Seattle

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35 replies on “Mugshots of people today arrested for rioting – Portland / Seattle”

Number 14 looks like those pictures where you cut someones face down the middle and mirror it to the other side

Omg I genuinely thought that was one of those psa timeline of crack addicts getting worst by picture.

Should be a poster in a barbershop. “Uh, I’ll have 4 across, 3 down please. Yep, the Mars Attacks, that one.”

That guy third row down, 4th from the left looks like what happens when you mirror of half your face in photoshop.

Top right. You meet at a coffee shop. She laughs at your dumb jokes. You hit it off well. She shares your passion for craft beer and music that involves the mandolin.

It’s been a few weeks. She takes you to a low-key club to see a band. She knows drummer. (obviously her ex) After the show she takes you to the after party in the drummer’s studio apartment.

Free weed and IPAs for everyone. This is when the plans change. Four other men and one woman roll out a scroll of paper. It’s the floor plans for a federal security building.

You start to get nervous. You look over at her. She flashes hey eyes at you. What should you do? Leave would be reasonable. But you know you’re totally getting laid tonight.

With a sigh you decide you’re going all in. “We must seize the means of production!” you yell. The drummer says “We need a leader.”

You are now the head of The New Weathermen.

Yeah, I’ve dated a girl that looked like her. It was pretty wild.

The guy in the very top left is an amalgam of *every single* composite sketch of a male criminal suspect.

I mean some of the hairstyles are bad, but a lot of them just seem like you’re mocking burn victims/facial deformities/unattractive people rather than bad hair.

This isn’t political in nature but I see the chuds oozing out – 20 people out of hundreds arrested are hideous? Color me surprised.

I bet just a weight average of your average rightwing riot would reveal quite a bit more than this.

This looks like a poster for a Mike Myers movie where he plays all 20 characters in different makeup.

* 28 day old account.

* Only 1 post and comment on account.

* Posts known politically charged image with dubious credibility since there isn’t a source attached and most if not all faces look photoshopped.

Definitely no ulterior motives to posting this at all. Nope, definitely not.

I don’t get it.

All these are are just pictures with the contrast and color balance fucked with. Like yeah they have dyed hair… That’s it? The rest of the comments are just insults that are more of a judgement on the commenter than the picture.

Have you guys been so indoctrinated that colour=ugly?

Idk if you think these people are ugly then I’d say think about if you have self image problems.

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