MRW my workforce want a increase, but we only produced $14B this quarter

MRW my staff members want a elevate, but we only designed $14B this quarter members_want_a_raise_but_we_only_designed/

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Hey here is an idea start your own company and u too can make all the profit and pay employees less!

The worst part is when they know they can afford it but they give you the runaround and say “but if we did that if we come on hard times we wouldn’t have a cushion and you’d all lose your jobs so no go, it just wouldn’t be good for everyone involved”.

My favorite variation of this was when companies didnt raise wages, took out PPP loans on the guise of paying staff, laid off everyone or cut hours, then still recorded record profits

I worked for a few days at a pet store where I was intended to be a “manager”. (More like a shift lead, but they wont call it that.) Pay is $11/hr. Took it because I struggled for months to find anything.

That store alone made $459,000 in the first quarter of this year and was upset because their goal of $460,000 wasn’t met. This is 1 out of 200 stores. Their solution to this was to demand that we sell, sell, sell. They only employ 7 people. No commissions, no bonuses, but “hey! If we hit 500 bags of this specific brand sold this month, they’ll sponsor a pizza party!” (Seriously.) McDonald’s and Wendy’s, which are literally in the same parking lot, pay $2 more an hour. For a crew member. Are these people fucking delusional?

I got fired because I chose not to pester a customer at the register who had already turned down my suggestions when I was helping them find an item. My manager asked “So, now why do you think he didn’t want our Treat-Of-The-Month? Why do you think that is?” When I told him it was because he already said no, and I have no incentive to, he said my paycheck was my incentive. I told him “Thats not really much of an incentive.” Was “terminated for underperforming within 90 days” the next day, my fourth day there.

nObOdY WaNts tO WoRk AnYmOrE

Then they will lose all their good employees. That’s the beauty of it, you can always go find a better job

We seriouslyyyy had coupon day last week. It’s a staff meeting. Boss is sitting there playing with a stack of cards while he reads pages and pages of the 5 star reviews the business has recently earned, many of which the employees are mentioned by name. Meeting is wrapping up and I hear “we have something we think you’ll enjoy blah blah blah thank you for your hard work bullshit bullshit bullshit appreciation blah blah”………cards turn out to be coupons for one free ice cream (with a purchase!) at a new restaurant that’s 25 minutes away…….

I’ve been looking for SENIOR skilled professional work for more than six months. Lost count of the job offers I’ve turned down for **JUNIOR** pay rates and lousy company benefits. “We pay an annual bonus” is the equivalent of a pizza party for professionals.

I worked for a start up, each Christmas we got a $50 gift card and the manager gave us each $50 cash.

And each pizza party was pretty much a 4 foot stack of pizza boxes on the table of the biggest meeting room.

Then we got bought out by a giant corporation. We then got $25/week for lunch from door dash. And any kind of bonuses had to be done via company portal and reviewed.

“Oh you helped someone meet a do or die deadline, yeah no that’s only worth $10 and not the $200 you wanted to gift them for helping you”

The nickel and dime method of handing out crumbs is just insane from huge companies.

And yeah maybe the start up was just spending cash like crazy yet we were all happy, and it was a shock when someone left. Now, most of the people still there are unhappy, demoralized, and others have left or are leaving for better things. It was sad to see something take such a downturn.

Add in that the exec that made the most said on an all hands meeting that they want people with passion, you can make more money elsewhere.

And how right that exec was. So now someone else gets that passion because they actually pay me a decent wage for it.

My work used to boast loudly about the free snacks they gave the employees for their break. It wasn’t magical… it was a nice perk. It wasn’t anything big, just a granola bar or a fruit cup. Recently they took them away. When the employees asked about it, they said its gonna get so much better because they’re getting vending machines. So its better for us because we now have to pay for what they had given us for free. Not the biggest ass move the company has done… but its the most recent.

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