Motives I really like getting a Mandalorian. The reactions of the youngsters are astounding.

Reasons I adore remaining a Mandalorian. The reactions of the youngsters are remarkable.

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32 replies on “Motives I really like getting a Mandalorian. The reactions of the youngsters are astounding.”

Is Anna a mandalorian too? And does Olaf get his own floating stroller?

Jokes aside, really cool armour!

So cute! I love seeing your mando! You seem to be a big inspiration for others I saw someone make a copy of yours.

I looooove this color scheme — my favorite color combo. I would have never guessed it would work for Mandalorian armor, but it really does.

Love it! Could see it as armor worn by a clan from a world or moon with a more arctic climate, like the one Sabine’s family is from!

I recall taking like 30 or more pictures with kids when I came to episode 7 in theaters premier as a stormtrooper. Kids go crazy over that stuff, understandably.

Have you ever considered trying to do Spartan Naomi-010? You have the perfect skin/hair combo for it!

Do you wanna be a Mando?

Come, swear our Creed today!

Our ancient home of Mandalore,

ruled by an ebon laser sword.

You know this is the way!

Fantastic kit!

The kids are absolutely my favorite part.

You can see in their eyes all the cool adventures they would go on as soon as they meet you.

I love the costume completely, even if it isn’t meant to resemble Elsa but the idea of “Let it Go” playing as Elsa creates a mandalorian suit is just too funny to pass up. Even gives a good excuse to make Grogu dressed as a snowman or something!

Alternatively maybe Marvel’s Emma Frost? In which case Beskar skin would be a terrifying mutant ability compared to her normal diamond

My 3yo daughter calls any Star Wars character with a helmet boba fett. I aint even mad. She gets crazy excited. I can’t wait to take her to Disney someday

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