Mors Maris Nostri: a TNO spinoff – Italian Systems Teaser

Mors Maris Nostri: a TNO spinoff – Italian Technologies Teaser

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Hi all! Welcome to another teaser of Mors Maris Nostri.

Mors Maris Nostri (MMN) is a “TNO spinoff”, centered on the Mediterranean sea after a tactical nuclear war caused the collapse of all central governments of the region.

The base map is taken from the Magna Europa/Europe Map Resource by Edouard_Saladier.

All characters from the mod are fictional, though they may be inspired by real people.

For more information and questions join our subreddit ( and Discord Server ( We’re also looking for devs, so if you are interested feel free to contact us on reddit or Discord.

Hot dang. Very nice – not often i see technology icon teasers, which is a shame since they’re always a treat to ogle at.
Here’s hoping that dev goes smoothly for y’all.

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