Mizkif on gamble sponsorships and if he obtained supplied a large amount of funds

Mizkif on gamble sponsorships and if he received available a whole lot of dollars

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Everybody would. This is why Twitch needs to protect the viewers. We can talk as much shit about Xqc, Train, Greek and Gorgc, but in the end it’s Twitch that have to protect the viewers.

Don’t get me wrong, what the streamers did is still morally wrong, but most people morals get exposed when enough money is involved.

Also don’t forget gambling was not allowed on twitch for the longest time, until 2016 or 2017 and they got their own section. They knew it was morally wrong. But they got enough money so they don’t care.

And it’s so ilegal, that Train and X literally had to move countries.

Streamers don’t give a flying fuck about their viewers. They do this to make $$$.

You think XQC will lose sleep from someone in his chat blowing his brains out because of falling into gambling debt or that kid who took their moms credit card and gambled and lost now their credit is ruined. NO

i remember when xqc started gambling the first time on slots and i kept thinking “this is so easy he’s winning so much money i should do this”. i was 16 working at mcdonalds thinking i could actually earn thousands of dollars lmao there’s definitely a huge mental impact watching these streams

Imo X deep down agrees the gamba streams are bad etc but he is literally a gambling addict and a website offers him millions to play it. Doesnt give him a free pass to promote gamba to children but its obvious he is always going to go back to gamba streams until he gets actual help

Do you really think you will win, vs a site that can afford $20m a month to a streamer hahaha

Miz just said Corinna kopf is illegally gambling in CA. How is illegal gambling allowed on twitch? Isn’t that a federal crime to be pocketing illegally obtained money? She is sponsored by duelbits but doesn’t put #ad in her streams

Update: she appears to be in a RV in FL on a farm she just bought

I don’t think people understand something.

**1 out of 5 pathological gambling addicts attempt suicide**
That’s higher than drug addicts.

I seriously don’t understand how someone can sleep at night taking a sponsor deal when they already make 12m a year not to add his uncle killed himself over it.

he says this and also keeps says just as seriously that he would never visit canada or mexico to do the gambling sponsorship for any amount of money

I still think he’s just doing peepoTalk for its own sake, saying you have a price and then wouldn’t be willing to take the steps required to accept a price for any amount of money means you don’t have a price, unless his point is that he would only take a gambling sponsorship if the law were changed

If anyone is curious, this is Mizkif publicly putting out feelers to Stake that he would play slots on stream for them if they can match his asking price.

OP is normieesree lmao. Has probably got every big stream up right now, waiting for them to see gamba questions so they can post a clip here

“I can’t do gambling stream, I’m an ethical streamer.”

“Here’s 20m dollars.”

“I’m only human.” 🎵

The owner of VLC, the media player software that I think almost everyone use, got offered millions of $ to advertise products on the installation phase of VLC.

He refused. He’s not rich, it wasn’t something that bad, it would have been the easiest money ever.

He simply said no, no advertisement on my product 🙂

Not everyone has a price. Some, believe it or not, have moral standards, and if they’re not in need of anything, they’ll abide by it.

People who say everyone has a price, they talk about themselves, but it’s not the truth so don’t go and believe that you can’t say no because there are some godly universe rule that “everyone has a price”

It is crazy how F1 cars aren’t allowed to have Marlboro advertisements because of potential child risks, but a platform like twitch can advertise gambling to millions of kids without any regulations. Gambling probably has destroyed more families than any other addiction combined.

Sadly, Miz could get this deal, but under an even shadier company.

Lets use Adin Ross’ contract as an example, approximately $2M a month (losses covered) for Roobet. On a 10% return from his viewership, Roobet is looking at $200,000/mo profit they make on that expense. More likely, they are seeing upwards of 20%+ ROI ($400,000/mo) when factoring in the longevity of the customers.

We could assume Roobet has a 53% house odds. In order to 10x a deal like that but still make your 10-20% ROI, the needle gets moved on house odds, but not for the streamer’s client. Enough spinning wheels and big bonuses and people won’t bat an eye, especially if their favorite streamer is still “raking it in”. 56% house odds and we can handle $4M a month, 59% house odds we can handle $6M a month… Create a full scam crypto casino that rolls on 80% house odds, that same contract to Adin now supports Miz for $20M a month assuming a similar usage and viewership.

Streamers aren’t stupid, but they’re also kids, it can sometimes be hard to understand these are all just numbers at the end of the day. If you get a $20M/mo contract sliding across your chat later, its worth trying to understand why they can afford it. You’ll never be the one “scamming” them.

Already in a position to never work the rest of his life but needs more for some weird fucked up reason even if others have to pay for it.

Remember when xQc called Ramee and RatedEpicz sellouts for taking the money and hopping to Facebook?

See in my head I had this tally going. So the more I lost the more of a chance I would be due for a big win, it is just a matter of time. This mentality will fuck you up believe me.

The thing that annoys me with this, is that they are all already super wealthy. Some rich, some less wealthy, but still all very well above average american clip.

I still dont get the desire for more money when you already have more than you know what to do with.

I really thought XqC would be better than this, but he doesn’t have any shame doing it and doesn’t realize, how much it impacts to people, dude actually moved to Canada and started gambling, he lost many peoples respect for doing that, you might say that doesn’t matter but the more he does it, it will have an affect to him and his viewers, scumbag moves and gambling brings only negative vibe to the stream and attracts negativity. Example Train, he gets so much shit and he tries to justify it by “giving to the people” lmao.

Seems like the modern way of attracting new customers since old media is dying. For me it was gambling adverts on TV.

I’m a former gambling addict and it’s nothing like “wanting to get super rich”, initially it was for fun and social(horse/football bets to have something to talk about at work) or maybe it was because I truly know the odds and completely understood variance.

Eventually the small “fun” bets (maybe £0.10p/0.20p) stop giving you the fun and you raise the amount, you can never go back down in case you “could’ve won £100 more if I bet what I normally do” and it gets out of control.

In my experience it saps all joy from everything else that isn’t gambling, if it’s not chasing your losses because you didn’t get enough “fun” out of it, it’s just depositing and depositing just to cure some sort of boredom or itch that constantly persists. I used to wait up to 01:17am on payday and i’d be straight online spinning roulette or placing bets for tomorrows football, or tomorrows horses, there’s always something to be betting on.

It’s why you have no money and have to make up excuses to family and friends about why you can’t do X or Y.

Or when your girlfriend asks you to go out because you haven’t in a while, and instead of telling the truth, you fake it and maybe take a payday loan or borrow from family. Eventually this gets out of control massively.

I still to this day can’t properly spend money because I still deep down feel like I could just have a “little bet” and there’s no treating myself that will make me feel any different. It’s similar for trying to watch a TV show or film nothing feels truly good anymore.

I’m probably down £150k in the 10+ years i’ve been gambling and over £40k on top of that being debt and loans. So yea, kids don’t gamble, especially if you’ve got any sort of mental probs or an addictive personality like myself.

TL:DR Don’t gamble, these streamers are pretty much 2022 version of Gambling adverts and sponsors at football games etc.

you know how twitter or some dating apps require you to verify your age via sending a pic of an ID to them to verify your age? do you guys think this would be a good form of verification for streams that are 18+? i know there would probably be people that photoshop the heck out of them, but for kids that don’t own a license or know how to perhaps its a good barrier?

I tried gambling for fun with free money on stake. I turned one dollar into almost 15 for the minimum withdraw amount. Just when I was about to reach that amount I lost it all


The whole point of “everyone has a price” is that you’re getting paid to carry the shame. That statement is not to get a pass because “you’d do it too”. It’s that you understand that an amount of money is worth more than your morales. You’ve earned the shame along with the cash

Here’s hoping the OTK come together and agree that it wouldn’t be a good look for the ORG as a whole.

Why the hell is no one talking about how these sites and streamers/influencers trick people. The money is all in house. The streamer doesn’t lose a single thing. It’s the casinos money. It’s all a lie. Tricking kids into thinking they can win too. The streamer has his contract all he has to do is push a button the whole stream. He doesn’t lose a single thing.

I was watching him when he found out 80% of his viewers make under $50k a year. Guys so fucking out of touch with reality. He truly thought everyone was $100k+ and was floored that most were “poor” according to him. Really wish I clipped it, would have been perfect here.

He said before that because he had a million he’s not really rich as “everyone has a million now” and it’s only when you have many millions are you rich. It was so damn cringe!

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