Mitch McConnell on Abortion: It’s the Supreme Court’s Job to Concern Rulings Individuals Don’t Want

Mitch McConnell on Abortion: It is the Supreme Court’s Task to Situation Rulings Americans Really don’t Want

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36 replies on “Mitch McConnell on Abortion: It’s the Supreme Court’s Job to Concern Rulings Individuals Don’t Want”

Expand the Supreme Court. These far-right judges are so corrupt that they cannot be trusted to make decisions.

The Blue Whale can extend its anus to a diameter of four feet, making it the second-biggest asshole in the world, right after Mitch McConnell.

No it’s to uphold the constitution, not all of a sudden not. Fuck. I can’t stand him. Shitty human Moscow scum.

It was the senates job to hold confirmation hearings for Obama’s last Supreme Court nominee but he failed to do that job.

So maybe Mitch shouldn’t be talking about jobs parts of the government should be doing.

Sometimes SCOTUS is obligated to issue rulings that don’t have majority support in order to uphold the Constitution. However, overturning long standing precedent and violating the 9th Amendment solely because they happened to seat enough conservatives doesn’t mean this is some noble act against the tyranny of the majority.

Oh this guy just needs to STFU. We elected a president WE wanted, and it was that president’s job to nominate candidates for vacant seats. The founders never intended from some backwater minority ruling politician to play procedural games and thwart the will of the public by denying a president his pick for the SCOTUS!

Issue rulings Americans don’t want, that undo rulings that special interests groups don’t want*

The irony, to quote Clarence Thomas , that people must “live with outcomes we don’t agree with”, is that Roe v. Wade was decided near 50 years ago, yet they refuse to live with outcomes they don’t agree with……

Slippery slope removing precedent from past SCOTUS rulings.

>“For the Supreme Court to on any issue, to reach a decision contrary to public opinion it is exactly what the Supreme Court is about,” he argued. “It’s to protect basic rights, even when majorities are in favor of something else, that happens all the time.” McConnell then chose to bizarrely point to the issue of flag burning, the prohibition of which the court ruled in 1989 was a violation of the First Amendment. “If you took public opinion polls on that issue, people would overwhelmingly support a legislative prohibition of flag burning, but the Supreme Court interpreted that as a violation of the First Amendment freedom of speech.”

That’s a lazy and unconvincing way to say, “I agree with whatever processes get me what I want.” Since when did burning a flag change the entire trajectory of a person’s life like a pregnancy does?

Ah yes, the Constitution was just an outline of the things Americans didn’t want, written by lawmakers the people didn’t choose, and the Supreme Court was charged with making sure it stayed that way.

Which shows you their endgame. As long as they hold the Supreme Court with this line up they’re going to over turn whatever they want with whatever batshit logic they want.

That’s like the craziest projection. “It’s the GOPs job to absolutely fuck all of you average people’s lives up.”

These people forgot the electorate is America. The Supreme Court isn’t above America and if we, the Americans decide that what the Supreme Court says, or what any governmental body says doesn’t mean shit then it doesn’t mean shit. Organize.

Mitch McConnell looks like a demon spawn with a loosely fitted human skin draped over himself.

Wtf??? He has really forgotten that he and the rest our crooked government work FOR us! Why doesn’t this old POS retire already and enjoy some of his ill gained fortune?

Just like Brown vs Board of Education did? Mitch and the gang has been targeting and replacing “activist judges” that believe in civil rights for decades. There are no civil rights to these folks, only god given rights. Christian Nationalism.

Right, ” It’s the Supreme Court’s Job to Issue Rulings Americans Don’t Want”

You have somebody in there that are unqualified, that usurped their positions, and are using faulty reasonings to issue idiotic rulings. That is what we don’t want.

McConnell has the morality of Trump but he’s sharp and knows how to wield power and stay out of the spotlight.

The senate map favors him heavily and he knows it. The US constitution is flawed. Leaves giant loopholes for the power hungry who don’t give a crap for basic decency. He is…I’d argue…more dangerous and damaging than Trump.

It’s time we protested the existence of the Federalist Society, the elite think tank at Yale that effectively coronates all the GOP’s Roman Catholic SCOTUS picks. A powerful nexus of New Haven mafia, Papists, southern baptists, oligarchs and the GOP. Fuck those assholes.

MM: “It’s the Supreme Court’s Job to Issue Rulings Americans Don’t Want… unless it’s what I don’t want; then they’re activist judges.”

And here I thought it was a government of the people, by the people for the people.

No wonder they are changing the textbooks

This is the asshole who stole a Supreme Court seat and helped trigger this far-right freakshow court.

Fuck him, and his violation of his oath of office.

Unpopular rulings have historically expanded rights for minority groups. The rulings and amendments asserted that we are equal under the law. Gay marriage, school integration, ending slavery, women’s right to vote, were all stances that asserted that rights extend to people or religious practices or personal stances that the majority disagrees with. Because we are a nation of laws that must be applied equally and fairly.

What the Court is currently proposing is not a defense of rights. It is stripping rights from a majority, against their will. The court is saying that half of the country has less rights than the constitution offers. It is arguing that privacy to make decisions and choices about our individual lives and families is no longer ours, but belongs to the state to legislate as they will.

I get how an average Joe might start that argument and think they were granting rights to a fetus, but the SC justices are supposed to be smarter than Reddit commenters. They are supposed to lean into the logic and reasoning needed to interpret the law. Nothing in Alito’s leaked decision gives fetuses or zygotes or embryos any rights whatsoever. Roe weighed the interests of a woman AND the interests of a potential child, reaffirming that the intersection between those rights was in the medical and personal realm. Logic and reason applied tell us all that in a free society, owning our own bodies is the foundation. If we don’t, then forced organ donations, medical procedures are on the table. Forced diets or lifestyle, blood donation, sperm or egg donation. The state’s interest overrides autonomy.

But they aren’t applying logic and reason. They are applying religion, and that’s why the reasoning is so inconsistent. It just radically asserts that one group has fewer Constitutional protections than another, based only on religious philosophy.

This Supreme Court would be a great deliberative body at the Southern Baptist Conference, or as part of the Catholic Church. But this kind of thought process has no place in American judiciary.

That’s a pretty fucked up point of view there. They do this to women for their own good? I thought Republicans were all about freedom? Now we’re supposed to just accept it because the supreme court knows better? What about 50 years of established precident? Fuck you Mitch! We need to get these tired old assholes out. On both sides of the isle. Once you hit 65, you’re done. So out of touch with reality.

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