Mitch McConnell and Susan Collins make a shock go to to Kyiv

Mitch McConnell and Susan Collins make a surprise pay a visit to to Kyiv

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30 replies on “Mitch McConnell and Susan Collins make a shock go to to Kyiv”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell led a delegation of Republican senators to Kyiv, where they met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Saturday in a previously unannounced visit.

Senators Susan Collins of Maine, John Barrasso of Wyoming and John Cornyn of Texas were with McConnell, according to a photograph released by Zelenskiy’s office.

Wow, they found the time to go to Ukraine while destroying women’s rights and voting rights, bravo. /s

Must be pretty awkward to stand next to the man who stood up to their hero Trump

Gosh I hope poor Susan doesn’t see any chalk messages on the ground written by Ukrainian children while there.

Oh, Turtle is here for photo op and I-didnt-expect-Trump-would-do-that Susan Collins

Pelosi and McConnell have both traveled to Kyiv to meet Zelenskyy. MAGA loons must be absolutely livid right now lol.

UPD: Yes, they are. The GQP has already started its daily Ukraine hate cycle on Twitter led by MTG and other MAGA terrorists.

Stopped off for a quick photo shoot in their way to pay their last respects for their Moscow overlords? Believable.

I know Zelensky had to take them, because he needs the us support. But these assholes are the same ones that allowed trump to blackmail him and get away with it. They are blackmailing him all over again.

I wouldn’t let them anywhere near Ukraine they’ll be feeding everything they can back to their handler in Moscow

Hopefully this means McConnell is going to do the same thing to Rand Paul that McCarthy is doing to Madison Cawthorn for acting against the Republican Party.

I really don’t like Mitch but this war is a bipartisan issue even in the us and reaches beyond borders of dislike!

FUCK YOU MITCH AND FUCK YOU HARDER SUSAN. Don’t fall for ANYTHING they offer you Zelenskyy – keep being you.

These are Russian assets!

Trump fucking extorted Ukraine and significantly increased their risk of Russian aggression during his presidency, and Mitch McConnell did absolutely everything possible to ensure Trump was never impeached for it.

I know that Zelensky needs to be political and accept whatever support or diplomatic visits that will help his country, but if he should be telling anyone they aren’t welcome, Turtle McConnell should be high on that list, only surpassed by a few other Republican traitors and then Trump himself and Putin

We should be uniting around Ukraine regardless of what’s going on back in the U.S. Russia is our common enemy and have been fucking with us for decades now. Democrats, Republicans and anyone in between across American society have scores to settle with these Commie Scums! 🇺🇲🇺🇦

Poor Zelensky. I’m positive he has better things to do than be the meat in that asshole sandwich.

God Zelensky must be bored to fuck of all these celebrities and politicians showing their face just for brownie points back in their home countries. I feel bad he has to humour them all just to secure the funding/military gear that he so desperately needs.

Edit: great comment by u/Hassanofthestory below destroying my original comment

The guy furthest right is absolutely fucking terrifying, for a member of government.
They should just give him a bunch of meth and set him loose on the Russians, he looks like he’d snap them in half like a fucking toothpick.

Two of the biggest fucking turds in American politics right now. What an absolute joke trying to pretend they actually give a fuck.

Give Zelenskyy a medal for having to take this photo with a bunch of fake, traitorous and frankly pathetic group of people.

Let’s hope Zelensky checks for bugs after the visit. These morons work for Putin, just like their buddies who spent the 4th of July in Moscow.

Moscow Mitch playing both sides again. Hats off to Zelensky for tolerating his BS for his country.

Every one of those senators voted to acquit the guy who blackmailed Zelensky for military aid.

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