Mistaken Trainer Appreciation Gifts #shorts #teacherappreciation #podcast #boredteachers #instructor

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This episode is supported by our good friends at Boddle — a wholly cost-free grades K-6 gamified math system that aims to unlock students’ assurance to learn, deal with finding out gaps, and deliver enrichment with gameplay that young ones absolutely adore. Go to and signal up for a absolutely free account to discover a lot more.

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The Mcflurry should be accessible even if the icecream machine is broken because it's a frozen 2 part mix with toppings. It's like a cake mix from Walmart. It's just icecream tho.

My history teacher is never at school on Thursday or Friday so one day my classmates were being crazy and I said in a mumble I would be going to therapy to if I could and the dude next to me was like "SHES GOING TO THERAPY?!" And I had to tell him no

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