Milpitas Monster Returns

A has-been rock star hosts horror films in his haunted mansion. Visitors: filmmaker Robert Burrill & SFX designer Stephen Wathen. Movie: β€œThe Milpitas Monster” from 1976.

Episode 06-275 Airdate: 03–26-2022

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39 replies on “Milpitas Monster Returns”

Guy's not wrong about perfume. The only people who should know you're wearing perfume or cologne are those you invited up into your business. Anything else, might as well be a whore.

I love movies like this. It's great to see that the art of special effects is alive and well, and that not everything is CGI. πŸ™‚ Also, glad you liked the stuff I sent. My fiance and I got the giggles watching the letter segment. We'll certainly keep an eye out for more button covers for Mr. Livingston.

Where is Persila now? I wonder if the cast of Samuel Ayers High School in Milpitas still life there? Who knows, maybe Perilla got a job as a 911 dispatcher in Milpitas. Just a guess.

I did like Vincent's suggestion that Tangella should grow into a giant! So yes, please do a segment where she casts a spell to make herself grow into a Giant! And, later when she's normal-size again, she can use this spell to shrink Vincent & Andrew down small, & keep them in small jars πŸ˜€

Considering this was made for chump change by high schoolers and locals over the course of three years, this is bloody brilliant! Even without those facts, it's still a lot of fun – not really bad at all!

That was great! I already loved the movie but listening to the duo who worked to make it happen made this even better. I'm going to have to look through the video again to get the titles of those books you mentioned. Thanks Creature Features for another great Saturday night.

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