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Lol. That was my mom when she discovered Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day. I popped in one of the CDs I had, and she couldn’t make it through the first song.

There are definitely artists who are consistently excellent, and it’s wonderful to find them.

If this happens to you, look at who wrote the song, if it has the artists name and someone else, look at the someone else. There’s a crappy loophole in the music industry called write a word get a third. Meaning, if the artist changes or adds a word to the song they get a 3rd of the writing credit.

I feel the same way about authors, but it’s so much worse when you’ve spent a few hours getting partway through a book only to realize it’s not getting any better.

Kind of in the same vein, I love every single Silverchair album- yeah even Young Modern. So I was pretty excited when I found out that Daniel Johns had a solo album!

…It’s fucking beyond terrible.

I felt that way about nirvana and now the song I thought was their only good song is the only song i actively avoid so maybe just come back later and give them another shot

Older guy here, who often had to buy albums based on what I heard on the radio.

I bought the Cranberries album, because of the song ‘Zombie’. I was so disappointed the rest of their album was nothing like I expected… Hahaha. Eventually, my sister kept the CD because, as a whole, it was more up her alley.

I fell in love with modest mouse’s float on but couldn’t get into any other of their songs Sadge.

That’s my entire music collection. People ask me what bands or artists I like and I’m like “I have no idea. I just like songs.”

Just throwing this out there: A lot of people are saying this is a one-hit wonder thing but there are many popular, well-established bands that just have 1 or 2 songs that are more accessible or whatever than the rest of their discography. That doesn’t make them 1 hit wonders. For example, some people only know or like “My Girls” from Animal Collective or “Creep” by Radiohead or “1979” from Smashing Pumpkins but none of those are one-hit wonders- they’re just some of the more popular/accessible hits from those groups.

Thats when you force yourself to listen to all of their songs so you get the musical equivalent of Stockholm syndrome.

Just listen to it a few more times and by the 4th listen it’ll click instantly and now you’ll be hooked

My music playlist is such a hodgepodge of like 900 different songs because of this very reason

It hurts so bad! That feeling of excitement you get when finding a new song by a new artist then going to listen to their discography and each song steals your hope until finally you just act as if it never happened and listen to the new song with leas enthusiasm

Even worse is relistening to the song you liked and realizing you don’t even like that song.

Or when you find an amazing album and find out the band just decided to change their genre after it

Nothing wrong with having a variety of taste. Stagnant is the nation’s issue at the moment.

Back in the olden days of the 80s, you would have to shell out anywhere from $10-$12 to find out that the rest of the album sucks donkey balls. It was a massively risky time in music purchasing. Word-of-mouth from older siblings was key.

At least I don’t have to buy the CD before I figure this out anymore. I don’t know how many times I spent $15 just so I could have one song.

Smells like teen spirit…were a miracle…but nobody knows other nirvana’s songs

That is because a lot of artists don’t write their own music. The artist is just there to “be hot and sell the product”. The engineers, producers and actual songwriters are the ones doing the real work.

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