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My wife is much more active on social media than I am, and I am constantly reminding her that she is allowed to just enjoy moments without documenting everthing for other people.

It’s almost like living your life vicariously through people’s reactions to you living your life

The urge to constantly post shit on my story without being questioned like a damn suspect is too big

Meanwhile girls post pics with other bitches they don’t even like, post food pics and complain about being chubby and post hard workout pics while jumping rope for like 3 min

That’s because we don’t want to announce everything that happens to us on the internet for people that won’t really fucking care in the first place

Bold of you to assume I would give a fuck about a story on Instagram or some shit while I was marrying the love of my life

Of Course why would I want to to share a very special and intimate moment with the person I love the most with random strangers that I’ve never met

I scrolled back through my Facebook looking for something, and man did I post a lot circa 2009 in highschool.

I’m a guy and don’t even know how to post to a “story”. You get a profile picture update once every 7 years take it or leave it.

I couldn’t care less about social media. I love to take photos but I’ll send them directly rather than uploading for some random people to see

Because we either look like assholes if we post a lot or get like 3 likes for whatever posts we do make

Yeah it’s a colossal waste of time. Most aspects of our lives don’t need to be broadcast. It’s nothing but ego filling.

We just don’t need that much attention lol. Imagine needing to live your life through other people’s approval.

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