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I’ll never give notice again. I once gave notice because I was moving out of state. Two days later they let me go because once you give notice they don’t have to keep you on.

Screw two week notices. Even if you gotta work two more weeks, don’t put in a two week notice just pretend everything is normal and take the freaking paycheck.

I gave my 2 week notice in and the assholes let me go straight away and replaced me almost instantly

I gave a 2 weeks notice because they were uber short staffed and we were all on very friendly terms and they were supportive of my decisions and very helpful and treated me with respect, so of course I did the same back. A guy who put in his 2 weeks about the same time as me stopped showing up some days and left early and then acted surprised when they let him go before the 2 weeks. Especially because the manager was his uncle lmaoooo

This will be me in 9 weeks when I am quitting after my apprenticeship at this toxic shit place

Edit: word were missing

It’s insane, people can be fired without notice for no reason in todays “at-will” employment culture.

Yet the employees are demonized when they quit without warning.

fyi: if you’re not leaving the company on good terms, decline the exit interview. the exit interview is where lawsuits go to die.

Employers want to fill vacancies ASAP. They want someone currently employed but they also don’t want to wait two weeks for someone to be ready to work. But if you quit your other job without a two weeks then they think you’re unprofessional.

It’s like the Kobayashi Maru from Star Trek, a non winnable game. So you might as well just not give a two weeks

I gave my 2 weeks notice. I honored that two weeks notice. And on my very last day I’m asked by my supervisor to stick around for a couple more days because they hadn’t found a replacement for me…. When I politely and professionally explained that I lived up to my end of the bargain, I was met with the most disrespect I’ve ever received at that company. 10 years working for that company, blood, sweat, and tears, and they haven’t given me a good reference since.

The only job I ever gave two weeks notice too was when I had a boss that I actually respected and I knew they respected me. If the job sucks then fuck a two week notice.

You should put in that 2 weeks, ask Dusty Slay, that can be the best time you ever had at that job.

Why is it that they can fire you on the spot but you have to give them 14 days notice? yeah sure lol

Nowhere on any law or written paper does it say you need to hand in a 2 weeks notice, if a job can fire you in a day you can quit in a day

The way I see it, they won’t give me a two week notice to fire or lay me off. Why should I return the favor?

Some work places just aren’t worth it. I stuck by mine who dropped me from full to part time in a week, then to a zero hour contract in lesser notice.

Stayed with them for five years. It was through the pandemic when they wanted to stop the furlough pay (which wasn’t due to end for another seven months at the time) – attacked ME first, a zero hour contractor without security of work due to the pandemic restrictions. They wanted to start stopping it from those lower first before the likes of the managers or CEO loose it.

That was when I handed my notice. Said I’m no longer coming in. They just basically went “oh okay”. No question why, no attempt to keep me on. Never got a reference from them either.

It’s definitely made me less dedicated in work. I’ll do what I have to and that’s it. Not in my hours, not in my contract – Not in my responsibility to get done.

Where I live, you require a 3 month notice usually (I believe at least 4 weeks per law? Not sure). Goes both ways. Of course, you can end it earlier if both parties agree and there is usually a trial period with a much shorter time frame for a few months.

I find it insane that in other countries your employer can just fire you on the spot.

Any boss who uses the “two week notice” line most likely would fire you in the spot for handing in a two week notice. While still calling you unprofessional.

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