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Plenty of people grow up with the false idea that being judged for your ideas and actions constitutes discrimination. They’ve intertwined those things with religion and daily life, so they feel like they’re entitled to them as Christians and citizens of democracy.

I’m sure that’s what’s happening here, and it’s utterly insane. Especially considering the false narrative that being LGBT is both inherently a choice, and inherently wrong because they say it is.

Yeah the thing is that he obviously doesn’t genuinely believe that and to frame transphobic populism as a case of potential stupidity is just as stupid and populist because it’s a political thought terminating cliche that prevents any strategy to combat it. How do you fix stupid? You don’t because that’s not the issue, that mf is just riffing on already established propaganda. If you say “stupid people believe in propaganda” then you just admitted defeat.

Men in general suffer from societal norms like boys don’t cry and a man should be strong whatever, but really, trans people and people of color have suffered in a few years mroe than what they suffered in decades..

As someone who went from believing I was a straight white man to realizing I was a gay white woman, my life did not get easier. Mentally it did but the world around me felt like I’d turned it to hard mode. Really I’m probably playing on easy still compared to most people.

I can clear this right up. Straight white men see a lot of vocal support and love for the trans community, and a lot of hate for straight white men. Everyone wants to be loved, even SWM. What they don’t see is the hate and violence trans people get.

If someone says that being a straight cis man is harder than any other group, there are three possibilities

A: they’re lying/being manipulative

B: they’re completely detached from reality

C: they aren’t a straight cis man, they just haven’t realized that yet and can’t figure out why they feel opressed

Let’s not disparage people without both halves of their brains working, I know a guy with severe brain damage and that does not create that sort of stupidity

They “believe it” the way salespeople “believe” that what earns them money is true and good for their customers.

When you see these people say things, all you have to do is pretend they’re trying to sell you a warranty on your car.

They face an infinitely larger struggle than they’re used to because before they had no struggle and now they have a little because they’re finding they can’t get away with everything

You just don’t appreciate the amount of pain straight white men are in right now. If they see a woman, a homogay who may or may not be cleared to wear that dress, or a brown person, it ruins their whole day. And you just sit here and laugh at them and call them big babies. How dare! /s

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