McDonald’s closes early since the 1 staff performing values on their own far more than their bad job

McDonald’s closes early because the one particular employee functioning values on their own extra than their lousy career

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A situation in my city happened recently. Just one single person working there and they didn’t quit. Majority of the comment section was them praising that worker. I stated that’s not legal. I’ve worked at a McDonald’s before. You need a minimum of 3 people working without opening the dining room. 2 if you’re desperate (I’ve done it) I don’t get how some people can praise this. If it would have been me I would have left

I’m sure their job was so easy the manager, or the managers manager, can just hop in and pick it up

Hes clearly a nice person who just hates his job. He made that sign just to make sure he doesn’t waste anybody driver’s time. Even took the time to print it out in big letters rather than just scribble.

Why would they even try to open with one staff member.
There’s no way one person could safely run a McDonald’s.

When a single person refers to him/herself as “We” (outside of a scientific article), you know that things are bad.

“Oh shit, how are we ever going to recover from this? No one wants to work! Oh, let’s post another ad saying we offer minimum wage, that should do it!” – McDonald’s.

Went to a Jack in the box on a Saturday lunch rush a few weeks ago. Took forever, when I got to the drive thru window I felt so bad, one older guy cooking and one what looked like a high school girl working the window. I immediately could see the anger/sadness/frustration/exhaustion on the poor girls face. It made me really angry that such a large corporation could treat their workers like this.

Saw something similar like this at a Little Ceasars “Hole In The Wall” place near where I live.

A while ago, I went to that Little Ceasars (As I really felt like shit, and didn’t feel like cooking) and noticed the lights were off and no cars in the lot. I drove by the next day, same deal. The day after, I saw the paper that had been pasted over the “Sorry For the inconvenience” sigh that simple said “We Quit Due to lack of care and bad hours.” It hasn’t been open for at least 2 weeks now, yet they still say the are trying to staff the place.

It sucks too, because I actually LIKE the people who work there, I’d stop in every once and a while to chat with them when they aren’t busy.

When the bosses and Karens understand that people working these jobs are human, then maybe they’ll finally get their precious Big Mac, lol. To hell with them, otherwise.

This is happening a lot more often around us, where one person is running the entire store. Orders take forever and the poor workers running these places are exhausted and utterly dejected. It’s a fucking nightmare out there.

My local Tim Hortons has one 60+ year old lady working there and the drive through is constantly backed out to the road. Asked her why she didn’t quit and she told me she would lose her house if she did.

Shits sad.

I just read an article by Jim Hightower about inflation during & after the pandemic and [corporate profits]( In it he says about McDonald’s specifically:

>Executives bragged to their shareholders that despite the supply disruptions of the pandemic and higher costs for meat and labor, its top executives had used the chain’s monopoly power in 2021 to up prices, thus increasing corporate profits by a stunning 59 percent over the previous year.

Are you not hearing this on your news? Or maybe hearing a different story about how inflation is caused by underpaid workers wanting a raise? Remember, most of the largest news outlets are owned by multi-billion dollar corporations which depend on ad revenue by other multi-billion dollar corporations. So, regardless of their alleged political bias, their real bias is always towards what is best for multi-billion dollar corporations.

Once valued at multiple millions, a McDonald’s franchise is worth zero dollars without employees willing to run it.

If someone is working multiple jobs they should get paid for each role they are filling in for.

My best friend and I used to work 3rds at Steak N Shake back in the day, and we didn’t get to close the dining room – and we were *still* running all night long. There’s no fucking way you could get me to run a whole-ass McD’s alone, or any other business, for that matter, simply as a matter of safety, let alone “how many motherfuckers are required to run this joint?” Not even for management pay.

If a single person not being there means the place has to shut down, the manager did not effectively staff the operation.

The entire thing could be avoided if they paid the workers in these restaurants twice as much since they have to do the work of multiple people

Work at a famous americsn truck stop as a semi-mechanic, the drivers don’t find it funny when I tell them “I make 30 an hour with commission and I barely showed up today. What do you expect from someone making less than half what I make.” Whenever they complain our food service isn’t 24 hour

Notice it says “I hate THIS job” and not “I hate WORKING in general”. People want to work, or at the very least would tolerate it, if they actually got to enjoy some reasonable benefit from doing so

If anyone here follows the sub kitchen confidential, you’ll see that there was recently one man in a kitchen that served 150 plates of food in a single night. Fuck the way managers staff shit.

I quit my GM position at a national pizza franchise like this. Got a really nasty email from our owner one morning and told everyone to go home. Turned off the ovens with pizzas still in there, called online ordering and told them to turn it off, cashed out drivers, counted the drawers, and locked up leaving my key inside with a note on the door “I quit. Our owner does not care about her employees nor her customers. Just her profit. Sorry about your orders. I’m sure you will have to fight tooth and nail for a refund.” It took 4 months for me to get my last paycheck because she was fighting for loss of revenue.

Worked McDonald’s and I gotta say, good on them. I was not some “high school teen”, I was 24 and trying to survive during the post-market crash. Yeah, it’s common to hate your job and such, but working at McDonald’s is far from that. It is miserable. Boomers don’t understand because when they worked McDonald’s the menu was just a burger, shake, soda, and fries. The menu today is insane, and trying to juggle it all is tough, especially when you’re working minimum wage. Trying to do the shift from breakfast to lunch when there is a surge of people is absolute hell. I’ve climbed mountains with a chainsaw on my back and that was easier to do. I was equally tired, but at least I got to work somewhat at my own pace and not have some Karen shift manager screaming in my ear.

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