Marijuana legalization connected to fall in alcohol, tobacco, and pain medicine use

Marijuana legalization linked to tumble in liquor, tobacco, and ache medicine intake

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35 replies on “Marijuana legalization connected to fall in alcohol, tobacco, and pain medicine use”

No wonder the establishment is so reluctant to decriminalize. Pot is costing big tobacco, big alcohol, and big pharma their misery profits.

I want to go with “no shit…”

But that wouldn’t be productive.

I’m also feeling like forwarding this email to HR.

But that surely wouldn’t be productive, either.

To be honest I really don’t know how to respond… better not say anything… or I might say too much…

wait, is this thing on?? 😱

Denverite, here. I’ve been alcohol-free for 13 years, and I haven’t taken a Benzo or Opiate in about 6 years. It works in real people’s lives, folks.

As someone who started smoking daily when it was legalized, I haven’t had a drink in 2 years, quit cigarettes’ a year ago. I’ve never suffered from regular pain, but I have issues controlling my emotions and its curbed that COMPLETELY as well.

While those are fantastic pluses, being a daily smoker has drawbacks as well, there are no joke withdrawal symptoms that will hit regular users. Nothing is with out a give and take.

Why would I consider antidepressants and other things that might mess me up if smoking helps just as good, if not better?

I also stopped drinking when I started to smoke too. Even the high experience is much better than a drunk night.

I’ve never been one for drugs, but I recently looked into delta-8 gummies (smoking/vaping in general is just a huge turn off for me) for anxiety. They’re totally legal in down here in GA and I just order them online. I’ve been eating a gummy a day, half in the morning and half in the afternoon, and it’s been fucking great. I still feel sober, but everything just feels pleasant and nice. Music sounds better. Food tastes better. I’m in a better mood. I like being outside. I’m more productive both at home and at work

Seriously it’s been like a miracle “make your life better” medicine. And it’s all in the form of a simple, tasty fruit gummy with none of the negatives I usually associate with smoking. I seriously don’t know why this stuff isn’t on the store shelves the world over. It’s done so much for me it’s insane

Can confirm, no longer use booze or tobacco. 19 months no booze, 5 years tobacco free. I’d give Snoop a run for his money in a smoke off though

Marijuana saved my life. Used to have mind numbing daily headaches. It effected my ability to do most things, because I was to busy laying down trying to not feel awful.

I was taking excedrin and ibuprofen daily, lots of it. Eventually that stopped helping.

I no longer have an issue. Thanks marijuana.

The pharmaceutical lobbyists are super depressed. Poor little douschebags lost some market share

You love to see it!!!

And that’s why all three of those industries have spent so much money making sure it stays illegal

Gonna beat the dead horse some more.

If anyone out there wonders why there’s so much resistance to legalization, reread the heading of the post a couple of times.

That’s gonna be why because there are whole industries dedicated to those 3 items.

Now we know why the government has been trying to keep it illegal for hundreds of years!

Oh wait we’ve always known that.

We had to overcome propaganda from the alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical companies for a century to make it happen.

The real reason it’s been kept as schedule 1, just as predicted.

Our lobbying system in congress is broken.

It turns out when they said “gateway drug” they meant a gateway to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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