Many thanks I hate Kiwizza

Many thanks I despise Kiwizza

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43 replies on “Many thanks I hate Kiwizza”

As a neapolitan i’ve sort of come to peace with pineapple on pizza, but this stuff is worthy of the death penalty. Coming from someone who’s against the death penalty.

Yea whatever Italy I’m here on vacation and got served pizza with horribly fishy white fish on it….

Then next day, served pizza with slices eggplant on it

Y’all can be monsters too ya know

Not even from Italians, the dude recieves death threats from an abstract being of Italy

Last time I went to Italy I went to a pizza restaurant in a place just outside Turin. My GFs mother (Italian) had a pizza with sliced pears on top. Fucking mental… But she also makes one of the best pizzas I ever ate in my life so I forgive her.

Children think there are rules to food. Italy is maybe the biggest sinner in this regard. Food, like everything else in the whole of the world, is ultimately pointless. The way you choose to eat or serve something is so trivial and meaningless that only a child could really care. Put fucking jelly beans and mayo on your puzza i don’t care because food doesnt have rules like that. There are certain things tha people like but that doesnt seem to matter for the the rules because people like pineapple pizza and that still doesnt count for some reason, its an arbitrary foolishness to want things to be a certain way. Food rules are for small minded and uninspired individuals.

Mmmh… I actually would be curios what this would tas…. Uuh I mean. What an abomination or so, how dare he/she

I’d definitely try it. I’m a pineapple pizza loving heathen and this kiwi pizza looks like it has the potential to be just as awesome.

The only thing throwing me off is the seed part. Not sure how well the texture of the kiwi seeds would work with pizza.

Imagine the audacity to put onto a pizza an acidic fruit like a kiwi…or a tomato, which is essentially the same in terms of acidity and sweetness as a kiwi.
The whole ferocious stupidity about pineapple and now this on a pizza by people who make a sauce with another fruit as the base of every pizza and even put slices off that fruit onto the pizza is amazing.
If it tastes good, great, if you don’t like it then don’t eat it and move on. Death threats entirely unnecessary.

Italians are funny. They get pissed off when someone puts pineapple in pizza and the next second they pour olive oil and parmesan in rice.

Jesus Christ people, it’s a goddamn pizza.
If you’re not eating it why in the blue fuck do you care.

Also, fuck your cornball hyperbole about how this scarred you for life or whatever.

I’m not threatening anyone over this pizza, but the pizza is actually a death threat to me.

I’m allergic to kiwi…

I am italian.
I can very well imagine the author of that abomination being chased by a rather large angry mob, armed with a vast assortment of medieval weapons.

Bro just put whatever on a pizza ur stomach is the one that answers for any atrocities you commit.

I’ve had several pizzas in italy and there really is nothing particularly special about them that you can’t get anywhere else. They have their own styles but I wouldn’t say they are better or worse than othe countries.

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