Man’s endurance operates deep, whilst kid will get place in his location.

Man’s tolerance runs deep, although kid receives put in his put.

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This child was a mistake. They should have presented this the main reason abortions are absolutely necessary.

Post this video everywhere .. this is the problem with the world today .. not sure what the split is about . Kid got to big for his britches .. brought down a peg and cried for help cause he didn’t get his way.. then to cuss and yell at others .. yup hopefully lesson learned

“Want to act like a man, I’ll treat you like a man.”
That’s what my friend’s father said to him before popping him one. He learned his lesson and what respect means. Unfortunately this kid might do this to someone that makes him disappear one day instead of his parents physically disciplining and him learning any form civility that could very well save his life.

Iirc, some states have a three hit rule that includes minors. Not that you can kick their asses but you are legally allowed to defend yourself.

Please do not forget, it is a kid. Asshole kid, yes, but a kid.

He gets motivation by people filming it instead of helping… Sad to watch.

I would have laughted so hard when that siren went off 🚨 it doesn’t matter then I’m grown, that was satisfying and hilarious. Hope that piece of shit gets really put in his place, or juvie or both

It’s really sad, because nowadays grown ass adults are doing what the kid is doing. Just a regular or Karen/Ken situational manipulation attempt. They get all up in your face, and as soon as you react they fake a dive and it’s all downhill for you after that. Luckily this was on tape and there were witnesses.

lmfao is a complete piece of trash for minutes, the instant something happens “child abuse”

Humans are fucking stupid

I hope that boy is lying in a ditch somewhere with a needle hanging out his arm barely living, little scumbag

I knew kids like this, no surprises they grew up into complete losers who blame everyone else but themselves for their problems

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