Male throws rave on stream

Dude throws rave on stream

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Seems young to be allowed to play with fire and geta loud system…but hey ! Good for him : seems to enjoy 🙂

For your information this is a German kid who’s called crossmauz on twitch, for anyone who wants to check him out

Even better is the fact that he was playing Modern Warfare 2 and threw a rave for every kill he got

Each and every time he room raves his neighbors chuck their dinner plates and newspapers to start head banging and hard shuffling.

It’s 8 pm, you come home to your house after 10 hours at work, no wife no kids. Too tired to make dinner, all you feel like doing is playing a quick match of your favorite game. Your exhaustion is so important that you are unable to clearly see who is an opponent and who isn’t.
Tears drop slowly on your face as you can hear the absolute fire lit rave the 13yo enemy is doing in his place after killing you in front of hundred of people live, and thousands on Reddit.

I thought the abrupt chaos was going to be the fire device setting fire to the smoke from the smoke machine.

It had all the hallmarks of one of those videos

Anybody know the gear to do this? I don’t wanna go that hard but I do want a couple lasers and a way to control them

When the little square started going across the screen I thought I was having a visual migraine. God I’m old.

Just remember when you yell at your kids at 2 am for talking to their online buddies and the endless typing on their keyboards… this could be your child.

The only reason I watched this whole video was because I expected the ceiling to have sneakily caught on fire. Kept on waiting for it to flare up but nothing.

I’m happy he didn’t burn down his house but also disappointed, you know?

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