Malaika The Princess – Entire Motion picture Hd

Malaika is an african lady, princess of an elephant herd, who life over the back of his father Komba. All through the lengthy journey on the lookup of waterholes, Malaika will fully grasp that memory is the vital of the survivals of the elephants.

The journey will have the threat of poachers approaching, dry times and vacant waterholes. But also a excellent assembly with the sacred Baobabs, mysterious trees of the Savannah which it can be flowers improve beneath the earth. Tough days get there when Komba starts off to predict his dead approaching. Then Malaika will have to experience 1 of the most tough issues and a big teaching.


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My 2 cents still on the fence cuz I DON'T WANT ANY OF MY CHILDREN OR GRANDKIDS TO THINK THEY CAME FROM ANYONE BUT THE FATHER IN HEAVEN AND Elephants as PARENTS maybe as a best friend. Kids have enough fairy tales for centuries!!!! yeah, sounds like something I don't know about tress telling stories!! But do like that the story is about a little black girl for once!!!!!

Seria ideal que también estuviera en español para los niños de habla Hispana, por favor haganlo en español. Mil gracias¡ Se los dice una psicóloga que necesita trabajar con niños enfermos terminales..

So happy to have been a small part of this wonderful film. The writer, animator, producer, and the entire creative team have put together a gem of an animated short, one that will live in the memory long after its seven-and-a-half precious minutes are done.

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