making eggs is ..interesting?

producing eggs is ..great?

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What generation are they talking about? Because I’m pretty sure boomers and gen x have some of the highest divorce rates.

The only eggs i would eat made by my wife (doesn’t exist… and probably never will…) are her eggs

This isn’t a terrible meme. This one is accurate, and TBH needs to be heard by more people.

IDGAF about the people in the pic.

Whats terrible here, the message is about caring and making eggs is an example, not the only example

What’s this “our generation” shit? How old are you 14? Cause this reads like you’re in middle school.

Yes, eggs are cool. I have a difficult time swallowing criticisms of altruistic and wholesome memes… that honestly have nothing wrong with them.

The only people I can see being triggered by this are the ones that think monogamy is offensive and/or think it is a ageist meme. It’s not. They are just letting their negativity bias steer the thesis of this meme. Nothing wrong here.

EDIT: Although I should mention that I do have a bias. Ryan Reynolds can do no wrong in my book. There is that.

Same shit different millennium. Some caveman was probably bitching about cavekids not caring about their clubs and loincloths like they did. Enough already

I see a lot of older folks misunderstanding that younger people think “it’s cool to not care, act like you own the place and be a prick”, but from what I see, or at least think of my generation, it’s cool to just be able to vibe with yourself and be positive towards life rahter than spreading your legs on the bus and trying extra hard to act like you don’t care (don’t do it, it’s super easy to spot and super cringe when you do it).

A confident smile will always impress me more than looking bad and a frown

Isn’t this his second marriage? Not throwing shade, everyone in my family is on a second or third marriage. But sheesh

In a world where the Kardashians are put on a pedestal, aspire to be Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds for relationship goals.

I think it would be a lot easier to be a happy couple when you can afford to have someone help with the craziness of your daily life, help with your kids, afford to never stress about finances, and be able to just jet off and take a relaxing vacation whenever it’s all too much. Idk. Maybe they truly are an amazing couple, but when you can afford to keep your mental state better than 75% of the world I think it may just be easier to maintain a stronger relationship.

It’s true though. The amount of “I only care about myself fuck everybody else” hot takes I see on the internet are bad. Not just this generation, but the current culture is super selfish and it’s only going to get worse

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