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Public perception does matter. It’s not the end all be all obviously that’s the coach’s opinion. But I think it does matter

It’s a little frustrating checking in on a Pulisic thread here, and so many comments have nothing to do with how he’s playing, but complaining about what people on the Chelsea sub are saying.

I hope he goes back to Dortmund. They have a need for a new striker and he could play more with gio.

someone please make a chrome extension that filters out any comment with the word “pulisic” when browsing /r/soccer, then we can all happily avoid getting perplexed by the mountains of people who go for the easy comment karma whenever pulisic fails to score a goal on a .15xg shot.

It’s funny; people are obsessed for good & bad. Even the ones who hate him or devalue him are obsessive: two top teams finish 120 min of play in a scoreless draw and yet only one player was expected to have finished all his chances. Salah? Mane? Ruiz? Mount? Nope. Pulisic!

(Edit: Lukaku? No! Pulisic!)

I see today as a win. Do I give 2 shits whether Chelsea wins the FA cup? NO… CP gained priceless experience in a huge game. He was ready and fit. He looked good. Sometime even when your ready situations don’t fall your way. That’s life. With luck situation like today ready the soil for future positive USMNT performances.

Unfortunately this sub is full of Anglophiles, it will always pay attention to what the British think

Good thing Puli didn’t miss a pk or even get the chance to miss one. Lol. Mount is British and just as important white Brit. Don’t see any death threats for the missed pk thankfully. Now if Puli or say a black player had missed the pen Mount did. Don’t want to say there wouldn’t be death threats but we all know how the internet can be look at what happened to Saka. Smaller scale of course fa compared to the euros point still stands.

I’m looking forward to when he makes his move to Serie A or La Liga next so the manic fandom lessens drastically.

I am still perplexed by him being taken off… by far Chelseas only option going forward. Like it just shocks me how quickly ther forget how shit lukaku and werner are we they put in a string if goals. Like those two have been good 2 weeks out if the whole season maybe? Forget the fact that Alonso had the worse touch ever on an easy ball. Forget the fact Mount took the poorest penalty, also Aspi. Forget the fact that once again Lukaku was pretty invisible. Doesn’t matter what the kid does it will never be enough. He deserved to be taking a penalty after that performance.

In general you should take everything you read online with a grain of salt. Don’t let 1 or 20 or 60 opinions of “people” online make you feel down. Most of the time it’s a vocal minority.

But are ppl here actually willing to call out poor performance when it happens?
Its rarely seen

Don’t listen to *Reddit opinions on Pulisic.

And don’t pretend that r/chrlseafc is even remotely a British sub.

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