Madison Cawthorn Loses Main Right after Brutal Barrage Of GOP Attacks

Madison Cawthorn Loses Principal After Brutal Barrage Of GOP Assaults

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I guess they were really pissed about the cocaine orgy thing.

I’m torn on whether to hope the same for MTG and Gaetz because their lunacy really calls the party’s base into the light.

How long until Fox News announces its new show? I’m gonna’ say within the next 24 hours, no longer than three days, max.

Trump tried to stand up for him in the last hour hoping that Cawthorn would rise to the occasion. I guess it didn’t go the way they both planned. Funny how the majority of negative press came out after he called out the GOP for coke fueled sex orgies. Never go against the “Family” I guess.

Good riddance.

Saying Republican colleagues take cocaine and attend orgies was a bridge too far apparently? /s. I guess that’s the line for Republicans.

Really makes you think that if the Establishment Republicans really had a problem with the fringe MAGA members they denounce, they could put them out they way they did to Cawthorn.

> Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) has twice been stopped trying to bring a gun onto a plane. He claimed his colleagues take cocaine and hold orgies. He suggested House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is an alcoholic, even though she doesn’t drink. He might be caught up in an insider trading scheme, and a GOP senator from his own state has called for an investigation. He has called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a “thug.” Multiple women have accused him of sexual harassment.

And still, 1/3 of Republicans voted for him –

Remember: it was the cross-dressing, gay sex and orgy comments that did him in, not his far-right views. *Let that sink in.*

So.. I’m happy Cawthorn is gone but I don’t have much faith in his district. Did they just nominate someone who is equally terrible but toes the line better?

Once his fifteen minutes are finally up, I look forward to his downward spiral and inevitable tell-all book.

So it’s pretty clear this is what every Trump republican is afraid of happening to them. Someone has dirt on ALL of them and if they don’t stay in line you get ousted.

Ha! **Fuck** you Cawthorn, i hope the door hits you hard on your way out.

I hated this guy as much as Gaetz or Ted Cruz. He is a stain on America and shouldve never held any higher office.
Such a disgrace.

He said that Trump would support him “to the end”. As far as Trump’s loyalty goes, the end is now.

As much of a long shot as it is, my hope is that with him being so thoroughly burned by the people that were on “his side” he chooses to fight back and comes with the receipts to bring at least a few of them down. Long shot, like I said. But if I was in his shoes, and saw numerous other right wing trolls get away with literal crimes while I got railroaded, I’d be in the mood to burn their house down. So, we’ll see.

Whatever happens though he had no business being anywhere close to national politics.

In 2014, at the age of 18, he was in a car crash that left him partially paralyzed. He has said that he’d struggled mentally since the crash ― and even contemplated suicide.

>“I think it slowed my brain down a little bit. Made me less intelligent,” Cawthorn said in a deposition. “And the pain also made reading and studying very difficult.”

A year later, he *made his start in politics* ―

Upon hearing of Madison’s tragedy I did venture forth unto my field of fucks. But lo! Upon entering my field I did find it barren and bereft of all fucks, and sadly I was not able to proffer up towards Maddison even a single fuck.

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