Live: Congress reconvenes right after assault on Capitol building

Congress reconvenes to complete counting electoral votes, hrs right after a pro-Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol.

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17 replies on “Live: Congress reconvenes right after assault on Capitol building”

Yahoo News Sucks. on their website, they post Lie after Lie, and no one can have a rebuttal. their comment section has been turned off for months. that shows you there is a cover up!

I AGREE SENATOR CRUZ!!!!! Keep fighting the demons and do NOT back down which I know you will not. May you, Senator Hawley, and about 5 others……they (Democrats) will be coming for all of you, I REBUKE the threats, scare tactics, isolation, whatever they try to do MAY THE BLOOD F JESUS CHRIST SURROUND ALL OF YOU. The with-hunt from Pelosi is disgusting! For 4 years all she did was throw jelly at the wall until SOMETHING stuck. It totally reminds me of Obama doing NOTHING for about 5 years because HE wanted Obamacare. The SWAMP is about knee high now, MAYBE it will get ankle deep by the 20th. Biden is…SORRY, THE DEMOCRATS are so hard up its dumbfounding. HOW HARD UP AND WHAT A DISGRACE BIDEN IS. DO YOU REALLY THINK I THINK A MAN WHO RAN 3X AND LOST WON. Senator Cruz, Hawley, and the TRUE TRUMP supporters REMEMBER JESUS CHRIST IS STILL ON THE THRONE. I can probably bet NOBODY votes past 2020. WHY should we—-BUT I DIGRESS TO SAY WAIT UNTIL THE MID-TERMS……We are going to clean house of all the devil indwelt individuals. Again, MAY THE LORD REBUKE ALL THE ATTACKS THAT COME FOR THE SELECT FEW REPUBLICANS WHO DID THE RIGHT THING, WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT FORGET, MAY ANY THREAT OR INJUSTICE THROWN YOUR WAY BEFALL ON THE ONE DOING IT

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