Linux gaming is Greater than windows?

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Linux gaming has slowly been on the increase since our last video clip – Just how far has it appear a 12 months afterwards, and can it operate much better than Windows?

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30 replies on “Linux gaming is Greater than windows?”

Linux is definitely becoming a usable day-to-day operating system. It's taking ages, but slowly and steady wins the race. It's only a matter of years before we see different Linux Distro's becoming a real main stream option in the PC market. The cool thing is, manufacturers can even make their own varient of Linux using something customisable like Debian. It just needs better exe support (instead of using Wine something fool-proof), a touch better game support. That's really the only two things. Once their is a "fool-proof" main stream way to use exe drivers and games indefinitely then we're off.

You can't be the so called Master race playing on windows also we need a dedicated Linux OS for gaming. I play more on consoles and I don't use windows at all, only to play with my friends once a month or less and every time the time that I should be enjoying my game I spend more time fixing crashes and apps that don't work than playing.

pop os! is for linux noob users with friendly interface… for friendly interface zorin os es better or solo OS…. but perfomance and power is Manjaro for sure! 🙂

there is almost no benefit to using Linux other than security, speed and its lightweight if you arent a developer. And even then, theres a point where speed and lightweight no longer matter.

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