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I typically do the monthly and next 48hrs Tarot & Oracle for each sign on this channel. If you are wanting a personal reading or you have specific questions for the Tarot; then I have your solution! I provide a pre-recorded video link for your private reading. A single reading is $18.00. Email me at:

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Just don’t forget to also email me at so I know where to send your reading and also to know if you want a general , business, or love reading.

Decks used in the videos include:

Decks:(Amazon & Etsy)

The naked heart

The Kryon Oracles

The Wild Unknown Tarot

The Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck

The Good Tarot

The Zombie Tarot

The inner child Oracle

Angel number messageS

Double Major Deck

The Surrealist Tarot

Osho Zen Tarot

Spirit Animal Oracle

Wisdom of the Oracle

The Hermetic Tarot

Fortune Cookies

Moonology Manifesting

Mystical medleys

Heavenly bodies astrology Deck

The Good Tarot

Modern Goddess Oracle

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