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37 replies on “Legends”

The amount of people defending these idiots destroying peoples cars is to say the majority have never owned anything of substantial value.

Thats actually so stupid what they did. Its gunna leak all into the grass now and those cars are definitely fucked. I get why they did it but seriously the consequences might not be worth it. Mostly just cuz they fucked up someones car

Lots of people defending these guys…. Do any of you see the horizontal lines painted on the ground? Those look like legitimate parking spaces. And do you know how much that will cost the owners of the vehicles? I think we need more context…..

Except there is parking spots draw right where they’re parked. More like r/totalpieceofshit

Those are parking spaces?? Reminds me of thr video of a digger doing it for people to steal parts from underneath

If they felt they needed to send a strong message then they could of lifted the cars and put them on the grass.

Those cars are in parking spots. Unless there was a building on fire in the background and they moved the cars for a firetruck to get through I’d hope the story ends with 3 blue shirted assholes getting arrested.

When you’ve finally had ENOUGH of motherfuckers parking their Geo Metros and Ford Festivas on the side of the road! Aaaaagggghhh 💪💪

Okay but was the justice served for the guys who flipped people’s cars? Who knows if they were a student driver or elderly?

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