Last Minute Gift Ideas for Day Traders

Christmas gift ideas for the day trader in your life. in this video I run through the top gifts you can either buy for the day trader in your life or for yourself if you are a day trader. we have five days left until Christmas Day so make sure you have all of your gifts ready to go.

Power banks

Zero gravity office chair


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My big monitor

Lenovo legion laptop

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46 replies on “Last Minute Gift Ideas for Day Traders”

I took your recomendation and installed a second 32" monitor as an xmas present to myself…mt4 on one and TV on the other. A 27" in portrait mode for scrolling Discord and a 24" for desktop/icons etc. I guess if this daytrading thing doesnt work out i can fly drones for the government on this battlestation. Happy New Year and much love to you and the family. Thanks for all you do.

Hey Arty,
Since i accedentally found your videos and subscribing i have gotten a little better in my trades.
One thing your advice has helped me with is not jumping into trades like crazy.
Im still not winning and have a long way to go but with your vids it makes it easier.
Ps. Im trading from Suriname.

Hi Arty, am a big fun from Kenya. This will sound chizzy but do you have an old laptop that you don't use? And you can't gift a small brother, that will really make my Xmas 🎄. Thanks in advance Arty.

Am a Nigerian following you,but I just hope we Nigerians will benefit from your gift. We are not supposed to be left out…all I want for this Xmas as a gift is this computer. Can you really change your mind towards us Nigerians and send it down to us. Thanks

Good Day Arty, As I day trade one of my problems is screen slave, I have seen your one youtube video about Forex Signals. May I ask what are you using so I can have my research about it. Thanks

please keep making videos. I spent a lot of my time watching and learning from you, a few weeks ago I was losing a lot of money, when I literally discovered your channel, I started to get more profit than loss. Greetings from Puerto Rico, Have a great Christmas with your family and your loved ones.

PS: I was reporting the fake accounts that are using your image, I hope they can block them.

arty I'm very grateful for your video I can finally see the direction of the trend clearly, even though I was wrong in trading, I just accepted the error and I followed the market where it was going. I'm very grateful to you

I learnt a lot since I Both subscribed your YouTube and tg channel , what I want now is your trading monitor because I am a student in the third world , I will ditch my lil phone and
Analyze the chart a lot. You r the best broski

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