Kinda went nuts embroidering the crew for my crew lol

Kinda went outrageous embroidering the crew for my crew lol

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Wow this looks amazing, seriously! I could picture finding this in a store. Keep it up! I totally want to start learning embroidery.

OP, you’re truly talented at this and I hope you experience wild success! Please DM me a link to where I might find your work, and thanks for sharing this with all of us.

This is so math.

I would love to be a part of your crew. If there’s a membership fee I totally understand. This crew looks like the crew 4 me.

Hey new members to the crew! So apparently my night owl tendencies has showcased my work to people from all over the world. Which is amazing! I am located in the US. 🙃 Etsy apparently hates international shipping or just charges stupidly for it. So if you do want me to make you something let me figure out a better option first as I don’t want people paying an arm and a leg for something I made. I’ll do my best to find the best options for shipping. If anyone has any suggestions or experience with international shipping from the US please let me know. There has got to be a way, I swear everything I order from China be free shipping lol.

Can I get the Etsy link? I have never seen any great Adventure Time merch, but this is hands down phenomenal! Absolutely love it sooo much!! Keep up the awesome work!!

Best crew member ever. If my homie presented me with something like this I’d lose my shit. Mathematical!

Wow this is some super cool work, any chance you could shoot me a DM to discuss price for a BMO one? I would be forever greatful!!

Omg am I too late to get the etsy link? I need one of the mint green ones and a white BMO one!!!

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