Kid displays up to black peoples dwelling with whip

Child shows up to black peoples residence with whip

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The black couple go to his parents house to complain and his dad pls a gun on them and accidentally fires it into the ground

I went to school with a kid like this. His dad was an out and proud Nazi who abused and brainwashed his wife and kids. Thankfully, once he moved away from his dad he totally reformed. Hopefully this kid can do the same.

Damn this has just made me completely lose faith in humanity, something is wrong with that kid

His posture when she started yelling at him says a lot. It looked like he was fuming with anger and wanted to say something back so bad. That kid is going to be a HUGE problem. Already is actually.

real question is who prompted this kid to be a cracker? People dont just decide to start crackin whips on people all willy nilly in 2022

What would happen if I grab by his shirt from the back, hold him high up and start yelling whose kid is THIS, come get him, he becoming a nuisance.

This is really sad. This child has no idea why he even feels this much anger, it was put into him. This is also incredibly dangerous.

This was posted yesterday op obviously just trying to farm some karma. Someone in the comments posted the full video where they confront the white trash dumb fuck dad who then proceeds to accidentally discharge a firearm after making himself look like an even bigger idiot.

They make white hoods and gowns his size?

Is there a KKK youth program?

Fuck him and his blonde hair blue eyed Supreme Wizard parents.

160+ years ago this would have been completely acceptable in society and no one would have questioned it.

I wpuld have picked the kid up and put him in that cage send him back to his parents and call cps. That lady needs an award

They actually went to his parents house and his dad starting brandishing a gun then dropped it and accidentally shot it when he picked it back up. While his daughter was behind him the whole time. So he’s definitely learning this at home.

Can someone call child protection services please the parents coearly arent capable of raising a child.

Wow, this kid is really lucky. There are plenty of people who would have taken that whip and beat his ass with it. I know this falls on the kid’s parents, but sometimes the only way someone learns a lesson is with a good ass beating. You can’t fix stupid and you can’t change a cunt, but you can bruise the shit out of them and engrave a lesson on their ass.

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