Kama comedian by @noyamanohana

Kama comedian by @noyamanohana

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For the joke, the Daikokuten CQ has a hidden mechanic. If you bring certain servants, they will activate a special skill that switches them into “self preservation mode”

These include

1: Servants with companion cats

2: Servants that are cats

3: Servants with catlike attributes

4: Servants that make cat noises

5: Douman.

*”Aren’t they a little too happy-go-lucky despite being that man’s retainers?”*

*”They rub me the wrong way”*

I wonder if Kama is feeling the Shiva association. Daikokuten (the mice’s master) is basically a fusion of Shinto god Okuninushi and Mahakala, revered in India as a manifestation of Shiva.

In any case, loved the comic. The art style reminds me a lot of Wada Arco’s.

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