Just some child working away from household due to the fact he could not have candy for breakfast

Just some kid operating absent from property mainly because he couldn’t have candy for breakfast

Just some kid running away from home because he couldn’t have candy for breakfast from KidsAreFuckingStupid

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My dumbass “ran away” from home once too. Did I pack food and clothes like an intelligent kid? No. I packed a backpack full of beanie babies and went on my way.

Im taking my carry-on full of cocaine and my doll, that is literally all I fucking need. I will sell half this cocaine, snort the rest, and find a nice place for me and dolly to stay, slowly building my drug dealing empire up until I buy even this pitiful house and kick your asses out onto the street. Mark my words.

As a kid like 7 or something i “Ran Away” but i ended up in the neighbouring town and had some how found my way to town hall where in so my Parents got called and drove pick me up.

I just walked off for an hour and came back after I was finished dealing with my emotions. After all why should *I* do the washing up.

There’s an infamous family story of my uncle doing this exact thing at this age. When he ask the first stranger he saw for help the man barked back “fuck off pipsqueak” and he ran home crying. Made it a block

Neighbour kid wanted to run away when we were the same age (~8) cause he wasn’t allowed to take his Nintendo to the playground. When I met him on his way out at the driveway I talked to him about how he has such awesome things at home and why he wanted to give them up. Cringe memory tbh

When I “ran away” as a kid, I got too excited packing all my favorite things into a bag that I eventually forgot to actually leave. It happened multiple times.

My earliest memory is from when I ran away from home when I was 3 years old in 1965. My mom packed me a sandwich and a bottle of juice in a hobo bag (a handkerchief tied to the end of a long stick, like I’d seen in the cartoons) my uncle made me. I was wearing a cowboy outfit with my trusty cap guns strapped to my side. I made it about a hundred yards into the orchard next door before I decided a particular tree would be a great place to set up camp for the night. Ate my sandwich, drank my juice, and fell asleep. Woke up in bed a bit later.

Thanks for carrying me home, uncle Stormy.

I remember being in the 2nd grade and wanting to ditch school. Me and my best friend hid behind the bushes right next to the school. We ate our lunches under the bushes and it was quite fun until we got caught.

We all know this happened to all of us, we get mad at our parents for not letting us do something dumb then we threaten them to leave, if they still don’t let you then you leave and walk out stay outside for a few minutes then go back inside and scream at them and start crying

I packed a secret suitcase to run away. I put milk in a baggie (no zip locks in 1969). The milk halfway leaked all over my stuff and our bedroom has a very bad smell until I found the clumpy mess. My plan did not come together.

My grandpa kicked my dad, who was a little kid, out of the their apartment with a bindle, toothbrush and loaf of bread to try to scare him as punishment. The thing is, my dad hid in the attic of the apartment building and freaked my grandparents cause they couldn’t find him. So that punishment kind of backfired on them.

“You’re not having cake for breakfast, young man. You’re having fried cake with syrup for breakfast.” -Jim Gaffigan

Lol this reminds me when I was a kid taking a bath my mom told me it time to get out and I didn’t want to and I got so mad I packed up all my clothes and ran away. Apparently kid me didn’t decide to put clothes on while packing them so I ran away naked. Made it to the neighbors house when a car started coming up the street so I hid behind a tree and then ran straight back to the house lol

When I was his age I ran away cuz my mom wouldn’t pray with me before I went to be the night before. The next morning I wrote a note explaining my reasons for leaving and took tf off. Unfortunately for me I had never been across the street since I wasn’t allowed to, so I went to the cul-de-sac at the end of the block aabd sat on the curb all morning. After an hour or two I saw my mom’s yellow car drive by a few times and then I noticed her friend’s vehicles doing the same. I sat there till lunch time when my mom’s friend Barbara spotted me and came tearing up the cul-de-sac. She basically ghost rode her car and initiated a foot pursuit. I’m hella slow, but I had no idea till that day. I’m sturdy as all hell but the act of running isn’t natural to me. I tried to bail but she caught me with great ease.
Crazy part is we’re not even religious. I probably got the prayers idea from TV.

Growing up I knew a kid named Bob. He had run away a few times due to a weird situation at home. His parents used to make fun of him for it. Well he turned 17, got a motorcycle and vanished. 3-5 months later his family got a letter from Texas saying he was fine, he was living with a woman he loved and wasn’t coming home. I saw him again a few years later, he looked a lot happier, was working as a mechanic, and he actually smiled.

This is my story of running away to the house, rather than away from the house. I was 7 years old. I accompanied my mother to her doctor’s appointment. She told me to seat down, read a magazine and wait for her. I got bored of reading the magazine, looked around, couldn’t find my mother. In my child’s mind I reasoned she left without me, so I took off. I walked 3 miles in 3 hours from downtown to our apartment (I remembered major landmarks and I used them to find my way home). I got home and the door was locked since my mother has not left the doctor’s office without me, and was probably losing her mind from stress trying to find 7 year old me in the 1 million citizen city. So I went to a neighbor’s apartment who was my childhood friend’s apartment and lucky for me, his mother answered the door, figured something was off, kept me occupied watching tv and contacted my mother to let her know where I was (no cell phones back then). My mother must have lost 5 years of her life from stress that day. Sorry mom!

When I was 6, I was pissed about something and said, “When I get $20 I’m leaving!” We didn’t have a lot and some may say we were poor. Didn’t really notice it because my parents worked their asses off to make sure it didn’t impact my brother and me. Anyway, my did reaches into his pocket, pulls out a twenty, gives it to me and says, “Here. Get the fuck out,” and kicks me out of the house. It was dark, middle of December in northern, rural Maine and cold as fuck. Just the clothes on my back and slippers on my feet. I made it about 100′ down the road and came crying back. Dad let me knock on the door for a while before he let me in. He told me that maybe we didn’t have everything, but we had clothes on our back, a roof over our head and food in our bellies. Not everyone out there has what we have so be appreciative of what you got. He told me to keep the twenty (it was probably the only cash he had) and anytime I felt like what I had wasn’t good enough, there’s the door.

Harsh lesson, but a valuable one that stuck with me. Kept that twenty for quite a while. I snuck it back into his wallet a while later. He never said anything about it until I was an adult. Let me know he was proud that I learned to understand the lesson he tried to teach.

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