Just randomly parked $20M gem 🤩 McLaren F1 [1580×2108]

Just randomly parked $20M gem 🤩 McLaren F1 [1580×2108]

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34 replies on “Just randomly parked $20M gem 🤩 McLaren F1 [1580×2108]”

Did you touch it? I like to touch million dollar cars when I can. Just one fingertip, sounds kinda weird, to some, I suppose.

Id usually crap on someone who parks like that but with that car it’s 100% understandable

Awesome! Seen a Lamborghini in my town but I was driving 🙁 but I yelled rev your engine and he did it made me smile so hard my face hurt

He’s just making sure no one hit this beauty with a car door while leaving, that’s why it’s taking two parking spots.

Now that is a car that i have no problem parking across 2 spots. Owner probably eats parking tickets for breakfast

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