Jungle coming to Chilly War multi-participant in Time 3

Jungle coming to Cold War multi-player in Period 3

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26 replies on “Jungle coming to Chilly War multi-participant in Time 3”

I’m excited for jungle, but I’d much rather have summit, firing range or grind.

I also really want the original Nuketown with the original lines of sight and aesthetic.

Finally, please please please give us the peacekeeper.

Enough with the jungle. When yall bringing back other golden maps? There were so many other good maps in BO1, BO2.

Ooo zombies stuff…hopefully they decide to add the CRBRS and Crysalax in Outbreak

Weapons and Operator Skins will probably be Rav and Co? Also hope for RSS to be added

Also pls pls pls be super Easter egg

Give us Launch in season 4 and then hopefully one more Black Ops 1 remaster for season 5 and I’ll be extremely happy.

Stadium, Array and Radiation come to mind right away

“more bundles” coming day 1 of season 3

“Jungle coming some time in season 3” coming last day of season 3

New outbreak stuff? That’s the only part I really enjoyed in a long term, solo kinda sense. I’m down with this

New weapons? Ooo that’s exciting. I really enjoyed leveling up the Vargo(spelling?)

Not sure what I’d like to see for more cold war era guns, but im excited.

Would love like 5-6 more maps added to this game

edit: Wouldn’t be opposed to them being back Kowloon or Stadium from Black Ops 1

Summit and Firing Range with Jungle (Not Flooded) would be awesome. Refresh my memory if you will, is Yemen the one with the scaffolding around the buildings going towards the right and with the produce stand that’s elevated some where you can watch the lanes from the left and right??

Or is it the one where you use the oil filter as a silencer in the campaign mode?? Sorry I’m really horrible with names and it’s been a long time since I played any of those.


Great map, I’m happy they’re bringing back the blops1 classics. Now they just need firing range.

They should also let us choose which maps we play on. I feel like certain maps never get thrown into the shuffle. Armada, Miami and satellite never even get a chance to get voted on. I also don’t see wmd that often and it’s a new map… is this just my experience?

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