Julia Fox & Kanye West Breakup After He Begged Kim Kardashian For Reunion?!

Julia Fox is sparking rumors of a BREAKUP between her and Kanye West after she recently deleted all photos of him from her Instagram. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:

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38 replies on “Julia Fox & Kanye West Breakup After He Begged Kim Kardashian For Reunion?!”

Kim was very much interested in ruining queen Taylors life with her so called " lover " and trying to gain popularity ..look what happened now the same man ruining hers . That's Karma . feel bad for their kids though ..even though they have all the money they want having them as their parents is embarrassing enough .

Well it would have been really pathetic if Julia stayed with him after yesterday. I mean.. it was pretty pathetic that she stayed this long. This whole thing was obviously to get Kim jealous but it backfired horribly.

honestly aside from using her I think Kanye just wants to feel wanted lol
and Julia just wants clout. no way anyone would put up with this type of behavior if he aint famous

This is no surprise, because he did tell her and everyone that he was not serious. He tried to move on, but apparently he still cares for Kim. So in a way, this is no suprise….Then again, let's be honest, these people threat one another all the time, maybe she had no choice. Kim's last worker came up dead in the back of her trunk…so, it's hotter than people think…like hit man hot.

Been two weeks and Everytime I come on YouTube (which is a lot all day) it's this channel with something about Kanye 🤞 being childish … No cap!!! Like I know what he does on a daily now low-key annoying 😂😂

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