Judge rejects plea deal for man who killed Ahmaud Arbery

Judge rejects plea deal for man who killed Ahmaud Arbery

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Good. There are things that need to be brought to the light that where not addressed in the murder trial. Travis is going to have to reckon with his safari pictures of the murder.

Edit: Thank you “concerned redditor” for the mental health tip information. Nice to know your jimmies are significantly ruffled.

Can someone please explain why these dirtbags wanted to do their time in federal prison? Is it easier or something? Genuine question

Good. I’m glad the judge rejected the deal. It never should have been made.

But the fact that it was done to keep them in federal prison which the article implies is easier than state prison irks me. I’m 100% for the book being thrown at the killers who I believe 100% acted out of racist hate. But the broader notion that we as a society would factor how brutal life in a certain prison would be into a sentence seems archaic. The implication is that if you put two infamous racist murderers into a prison system, the black inmates are going to beat the shit out of them on a daily basis. Our prisons shouldn’t be like that either. And I’m not defending these two, nor do I have any sympathy for them. But I do have a broader problem with prison violence becoming an unofficial but condoned feature. We would never stand for routine bearings to be administered as part of an official sentence. But they way the article talks about state vs federal prison, we are coming awfully close.

>BRUNSWICK, Ga. (AP) — A federal judge rejected a plea agreement Monday that would have averted a hate crimes trial for the man convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery.

Arbery’s parents denounced the proposed deal for Travis McMichael, with mother Wanda Cooper-Jones and father Marcus Arbery emotionally asking the judge to reject agreements filed for McMichael and his father, Greg McMichael.

In rejecting the deal, U.S. District Judge Lisa Godbey Wood said it would have locked her into specific terms — including 30 years in federal prison — at sentencing. Wood said that in this case it would only be appropriate to consider the family’s wishes at sentencing, which the proposed deal wouldn’t allow.

Isn’t it typical for the prosecutors to loop the victims’ families in before a deal like this is finalized? Even if it’s just to avoid the egg on your face when the victims’ families are forced to come to court and make a plea like this? These killers already have indicated they’ll rather serve time in federal prison than in state prison, so why is the prosecution so eager to strike a great deal for them? There was another thread and nobody could offer a non-fantasy reason for the feds to even offer this deal. Someone actually say “what if MGT became governor of GA and pardoned them?” Nevermind that that loser may never even win another election or that there’s no movement on the right in support of these killers. Just fantastical rubbish to justify the feds offering a deal to already convicted criminals.

Maybe a dumb question, but the McMichaels were sentenced to life with no possibility of parole and I am confused. I know that GA didn’t have a hate crime statute, but what is the purpose in the federal prosecution. I am just confused how this works.

Can someone please explain, I thought they were already found guilty. Is this a separate charge and trial for a hate crime?

Prison population in Georgia is 60% African American.

Federal prison population is 34% African American.

No wonder this murderer wants to do his time in a federal prison.

They desperately wanted that deal. The Federal Prison in Atlanta has a medium and low security wing. Once they are in the system, their attorney and the BOP can wriggle to get them the least security with better conditions.

No doubt, since the father was in law enforcement or law enforcement adjacent they would receive preferential treatment. And the cronyism is high in the cop world. Not to mention, we’ve all seen how the forces all over the country are infested with white supremacists.

The Prosecutors probably tried to lean hard all over this family to get that deal. I definitely agree we need massive prison reform in this country but this is a good start on the idea that everyone gets the same level of justice based on the color of their skin.

**Travis McMichael told the judge in a loud, clear voice Monday that he was willing to plead guilty to killing Arbery out of racial animosity.**

Now that’s how you write a headline! Simple, factual, and highlights the victims name instead of the dirtbags that did it. Not enough of that these days.

Note to self: If you’re gonna commit a crime, make sure its a Federal crime. They have the better establishments.

What kills me is we only know about this because someone leaked the video.

*They almost got away with murder.*

I can guarantee there are many, many more cases just like Ahmaud Arbery’s that weren’t recorded or were recorded, but haven’t been leaked.

Our system is fucked and those who are in a position of power don’t give a shit.

I’m sorry. I haven’t been keeping up with this lately and apparently didn’t look into it enough as information was made available….but did i just read correctly that


We’re just living out the hellscape that is the movie se7en. Just nobody is clever and there is no Somerset redemption. Fuck

These guys are utterly ignorant of what they did being wrong.
You could see it when they testified. Severely broken, hateful, small minds. they need some serious psychological help before they can even get to understanding that what they did was heinous and wrong.

Just because you act like a racist piece of shit dosent mean you get protected like one…. you need a badge for that.

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