Jordan Peterson: Rule Quantity 13

Jordan Peterson: Rule Variety 13

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well it depends on what you say is a fat chick,.my wife shes not a fat chick and i love her but if she was fat i wouldn’t even listen to her fat opinion

“It’s like… you’re so fat but society won’t tell you *begins crying* if society would just tell you the false perception you have of yourself would fall away and you wouldn’t be in hell anymore.”

I can’t decide if he was as more of a prick before his drugs binge & lobotomy or after 🤔

Lol. My grandpa always told me that if you are broke, it’s just like being a fat chick….you’re gonna have to work

So people can’t have standards any more? There’s nothing sexy about being obese, or morbidly obese either.

The paragon of human potential is demanding people not find a thick girl attractive. Brother you got your own problems; should figure out why your body is literally trying to end it all in real time. Clean your own room bucko.

Jordan Peterson would rather fuck in grandma than a fat woman.

I dreamed I saw my maternal grandmother sitting by the bank of a swimming pool, that was also a river. In real life, she had been a victim of Alzheimer’s disease, and had regressed, before her death, to a semi-conscious state. In the dream, as well, she had lost her capacity for self-control. Her genital region was exposed, dimly; it had the appearance of a thick mat of hair. She was stroking herself, absent-mindedly. She walked over to me, with a handful of pubic hair, compacted into something resembling a large artist’s paint-brush. She pushed this at my face. I raised my arm, several times, to deflect her hand; finally, unwilling to hurt her, or interfere with her any farther, I let her have her way. She stroked my face with the brush, gently, and said, like a child, “isn’t it soft?” I looked at her ruined face and said, “yes, Grandma, it’s soft.

– Jordan Peterson

If the authoritarian left is gonna force me to look at thicc thighs then count me into the revolution comrade 🫡

This man went from someone that could have done some real good for young men, to a joke of a joke that has stooped to this kind of lowly place intellectually and critically that he has literally lost the plot, the woman he is simultaneously objectifying and insulting is going to have her image attacked by his mindless drone fanbase that will spam based when challenged on their leaders piss poor behavior, she will endure public debate and scrutiny by thousands if not millions of people, which to be fair comes naturally with being a model, but to be a slightly thicker than average person will be vilified and her self image could be damaged and for what? To say you, Jordan Peterson do not find her personally attractive, something which is inherently subjective and attempt to tie that opinion into some half assed political statement about authoritarianism as if the state is telling you what to find attractive which they arent at all is just asinine.

Dr. Peterson, in your own words, you need to clean your damn room! Because it’s filth is seeping out into the world and the world is already foul enough without your ignorant rhetoric spoiling it even further.

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