Jasbir Chatterjee – My Birthday Reward

A glory was born unto the world
Some two a long time back again:
Caressed by the mother’s smiles
Dipped in the father’s heartfelt joys
A rose-bud in the yard
Singular amongst many….

Nowadays as I sit by you
Your silence simply cannot incorporate
The aura of your becoming,
The elegance of your nature,
The fragrance is spilling
And leaving the globe sweeter…

But, ah, the globe is as well total of sorrow
Another’s tragedy shakes my roots
And mirth is stifled in me.
So smile though you can
Make manifest your authentic remaining –
Grasp it just before it is fled

For there is so considerably to be finished
Ahead of a tear is shed…

Creator of this poem is Rameshwer Singh.

Rameshwer gave this poem to me on 5 March 1987 as a birthday reward for my 21st birthday on 4 March 1987. This poem has constantly been just one of my most cherished belongings and I am sharing it currently,29 October 2014, with the total environment to make certain that it stays that way even soon after the curtains come down and I am gone…

Jasbir Chatterjee

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