It’s nearly like it could help save him billions

It is practically like it could help save him billions

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Just more proof that you don’t grow more conservative as you age, but only as you grow more wealthy…

LOL it’s not the republicans as the party of hate and division?

OK Musky, looks like you sniffed too many of your own farts.

Hes obviously voting Republican bc they want to decrease taxes for the rich. It’s not about “kindness” He wants the party that will benefit him personally.

Elon Musk called a volunteer rescuing children a ‘pedo guy’, and won the defamation suit against him by arguing that ‘pedo guy’ means ‘creepy looking old man’.

Therefore, [this photo]( and [this photo]( is literary legal evidence that Elon Musk is a pedo guy.

Pedo guy votes for pedo party.

Talk about tone deaf. It hasn’t even been a week since that Tucker wannabe Hitlerjugend gunned down a bunch of black people in New York and Elon is calling the democrats hateful.

Elon over here drinking that kool-aid. If he thinks the dems promote hate and division he must not have researched the republicans yet.

democrats are the party of hate and division therefore I’m voting for the racist evil party instead!

He’s an actual meme now. I can’t find it, but it’s the left pushing a “centrist” for saying ‘hate crimes allowed MWF to keep it fair’ and him sticking his feet in the ground with his new right wing friends. Like he’s just a grifter at this point right? He has to have some level of self awareness.

This is stupid. Musk doesn’t care about American politics. His entire career, it has all been a game. The goal is to collect the most money. That’s it.

Who’s not buying Teslas? Conservatives.

Who will spend ridiculous sums of money when the leaders of their group tell them to? Conservatives.

Whose tax policy benefits billionaires the most? Conservatives.

Whose labor policies benefits factory owners the most? Conservatives.

That’s it. That’s the whole game. Musk doesn’t care one way or the other about America, social justice, equality, and less than you might think about peace or climate change. It’s money, and this is the best way for him to make a lot more.

The best thing liberals can do is to make it clear how little we care. That and thank conservatives who go electric for helping to save the planet.

Democrats are dividing our country with their extreme radicalism!!! Who can forget when they stormed the US Capitol to forcibly overturn a democratically decided election and block the peaceful transition of power?!? Oh, wait…

If you listen to what he said on a podcast on monday, he basically said “Democrats like Unions, which is bad. I mean, Republicans have problems in that they’re driven by religious zealots and conspiracy theorists. But at least they don’t like Unions”.

At least he’s transparent. Makes despising him that much easier.

What dirty campaign tricks against you?!

Something about being a Republican instantly makes you a paranoid and delusional asshole with a persecution fetish. I guess why not, it’s all they’ve got going for them, that and hate.

Imagine thinking a conservative talking point spewing, emerald mine inheriting, union busting, tax evading, Covid denying, billionaire EVER voted for a candidate from the Democratic Party.

i lost all respect for elon (used to respect him alot) when he started simping for attention on Twitter like the dude used be a hard worker and now he’s just a living meme and he gets more unhinged and ridiculous everyday

The Republicans are literally trying to overturn Roe v. Wade right now. Not compromise on the terms. They’re trying to overturn it and put in abortion bans in any red state they can.

And it’s the *other side* that’s divisive? How many times have the Democrats reached across the aisle only to get their hand smacked? How many supreme court seats did the Democrats steal from a popular-vote-winning president?

And you want to claim the fucking *Democrats* are the divisive ones??

Musk… I was in your corner this whole time… But goddamn, dude…

One side wants abortion bans, book burnings, and coup attempts. The other side just wants democracy to work.

The Democrats: “Can’t we all just get along?”

The far right masquerading as a mainstream political party: “OMG why are the democrats so divisive? They must be trying to replace us with black people. We should stop at nothing, not even murder, to prevent that!”

“I’m tired of supporting human rights, I’m gonna vote for the fascists now.” – a complete asshole

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