It&#39s Currently Defeated | Joel Osteen

What you are up against has now been defeated. Since you belong to God, nothing at all can continue to keep you from His guarantees.

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22 replies on “It&#39s Currently Defeated | Joel Osteen”

Good evening Lakewood family… always love your jokes pastor Joel Ostean… currently on night duty and really enjoy listening to my fav pastor 🇳🇦😁😁😁🥰God bless everyone reading and listening to this

Praise Jesus ThankYou Jesus My Lord and Savior! LORD please come to my rescue and help Me Jesus. Please heal and save my bond marriage and work with Your Divine Mercy Grace and Deliverance.
Please pray for me My Holy Mother Mary…He will hear your Prayer. Be with me always Holy Mother. My Lord and You My Mother are all I have.
I declare victory and protection from all evil harm and danger in Your most Holy and Mighty name Jesus Lord and My God! I declare all my triumphs through Lord Jesus Christ Amen Amen ThankYou Jesus!

Plz pray for me pastor someone has bound my businesses god will open the doors of customers who books flats shops and raw house through me and my employee will also achieve there targets

Halelewiahhhhhhh wonderfull Brother pastor Joel, you are so wonderfull to me the one who speaks about my situation in my life, thank you faithfull brother may Gidbkesd you a lot also for your ministry Amen.

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