It was all but a lie

It was all but a lie

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Well it’s prob cause the 1 on the left was made with mematic! Duh ! Mematic makes all weed look better. Wtf is mematic ? Lol 😂

I got 2 rando bag seeds out of fire weed. They are like 3 weeks old. Fucking growing strong 💪. Hope 1 will be female. I’m just fucking around with a lil outdoor grow. I’m putting them in a 3 gallon pot till they are nice big and trained. Then I’m putting them in the ground and seeing how big I can get them. I hope 1 is female at least.

Photo on the right doesn’t have enough light nor does it look female. I’ve homegrown and it looks like left.

Purple hue is from the grow lights

this is the part we become monks to the plant and learn about topping and different methods and how to prune cannabis for most yield

Smoke the pollen sacks!!!!!!!!1!!1!1!!1!1 they get you so high!!!1!1! Trust bro happened to my buddy Eric once

It’s comes down to the genetics and the lighting. Make sure you using a good seed vendor ( I use green point seeds who are great) and use the best lighting you can afford. I’ve had great success with Mars hydro LED lights, which are pretty inexpensive. Also, get a tent and CO2 bag. But, beyond that just make sure they are getting enough nutrients and water. You have to invest some time/money to get quality buds. In the end its worth it though.

I wish I could grow weed at home, but I have no clue how 💀 I got a pill bottle of like 30 seeds I been collecting and haven’t used

I have to resist the urge to make bad feminism jokes when i kill my male plants but I can’t let my girls be getting pregnant and ruining their value.

Plant on the left is a female that flowers/duds and the on on the right is a male that does nothing for you… lol

I bet your neighbor will hate you when he pulls his girls and finds them all full with seed.
Legit question: why grow it that far if you know it’s a male?

Yeah, now go try some Penis Enlargement pills.

Don’t have a penis to begin with? Doesn’t matter, same result regardless.

Nice weed plant 🪴 I always wanted to grow some but my parents would be furious 😠

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