It is happening right here: Massachusetts has a increasing neo-Nazi motion

It is occurring listed here: Massachusetts has a increasing neo-Nazi motion

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This story digs deep into the group that a number of folks have posted about on this sub, but goes beyond that.

>Darren MacNeil traces his son’s radical politics back to former President Trump. “I’m a diehard Trump supporter,” he said. “That’s what I am. And that’s probably where it all started. We went to the Trump rally back in 2016 and I don’t know if that’s when he started getting on a kick.”

Uhhhhh ya think?!?

> If you’re in college you should be getting together with all the other guys on campus that think like you, circling all the frat parties and bullying the chicks that race mix and start dominating the party and take over the campus

LMAO have these losers ever even spoken to an actual woman before?

I’m really glad to see that WGBH isn’t pussyfooting around and calling them “alt-right”. These are fascist nazi assholes and they have no business in our state or our planet for that matter. They have been committing physical and systemic violence for too long and we need to everything in our power to get rid of them before its too late.

Growing up in Boston as a kid, I remember this “point of view” from some of my white peers. These were the same kids that were always in trouble in school, always getting into fights, etc. From my perspective, it was always the lack of support from parents that led to this.

Based on what that MacNeil kid’s dad was willing to say on the phone to the reporter, the deck was stacked against him being a good person from the beginning. I can only imagine the diet of hate he got from his dad.

Of more concern are the Nazi sympathizers in positions of power throughout this country.

But let’s not talk about that little problem. 👽

I used to see this intimidating skinhead neo-nazi prancing around Brighton a lot. He was always wearing a “Trump 2020” jacket and hat. One time I saw him sitting at a Starbucks sipping on a venti iced frappuccino; the incongruity was too much for me.

Looking at MacNeil’s dad, is it any wonder that the neo-Nazi apple didn’t fall far from the tree?

These assholes…I’ll never get over the irony of “keep Boston Irish” when your average Irish person would hate them. Despite the Catholic church’s cultural influence, Ireland is much more socially progressive than the U.S. in a lot of ways- more laws protecting LGBTQ people (including gender identity) and legalized abortion in 2018 which is pretty incredible for a country where divorce was only legalized in 1995.

They can all go take a long walk into the harbor.

> At the appointed time, a week later, Casey and a crowd of dozens waited in the park in hopes of confronting NSC-131 members, but the nationalists were not there.

Lmao. Fucking cowards.

Well then it’s up to the community to oust these pussies. Shut them down whenever you come across it. Someone starts spouting off hateful shit. Tell ‘em to fuck off with that nonsense.

It’s been happening for years. I was physically assaulted by a nazi on the 77 about five years ago. I’m still honestly surprised at how seriously the mbta police took it and that they didn’t just brush me off or “lose” the report I made.

Being a Nazi while holding a “keep boston Irish” sign shows the general intellect of these brainlets.

Hitler HATED the Celtics: he saw them as barely better than the Jews and Gypsys.

I wonder if any of these Irish Neo-Nazis have any idea what the actual Nazis thought of Irish/Celtic people.

hint: they didn’t consider them part of the Aryan Race

It is happening literally everywhere and you’re crazy if you think otherwise. Those people are deeply flawed in many ways but the key players are generally very good at social camouflage, organizing, propaganda, and directed like minded people into power positions like police forces

I remember about 10 years ago being in a small predominantly Hispanic California town and seeing this tall skinhead dude with a red swastika shirt walk into the store I was in.

Everyone was like dead silent and the guy bought a coke and left, afterwards the cashier told me there was a commune of Neo-Nazis that lived up on the hill on the edge of the town.

Seeing this post made me think of that day and how many of these people there probably are all over the country.

I see some people commenting about how it’s “just” 15-20 guys, and would like to remark that it only took (1) guy to take 10 lives in Buffalo. This photo strikes absolute fear in my heart, man. The day after the Buffalo shooting I went grocery shopping & was petrified the entire time that a copycat shooter might be there. I’m a cook (see: reddit profile) & usually take 2-3hrs hopping from store to store, but that day I put on sneakers (usually I wear heels) so I could make a run for it if needed, and didn’t wear headphones so I could be alert. It only takes one person being pushed/converted to the edge to do irreparable damage. Thanks for sharing OP

You must not be from here, It has always been exactly as you see it. This is nothing new. Ask a real local about the “good old days” of southie and the point

And you know that NONE of the worthless fucks have ever associated with Ireland in any way outside of being a fucking useless drunk at a pub

Please dont turn celtic imagery into white supremacy shit, they already ruined a lot of norse mythology imagery,

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