It is formal: Finland to apply for Nato membership

It is really formal: Finland to use for Nato membership

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> On Sunday afternoon, President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) announced that Finland will seek to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato).
> Niinistö formally made the announcement in Finnish, Swedish and English, saying that Finland was entering a new era.
> “This is a historic day,” said the head of state, noting that he had begun the day by visiting the graves of war dead on Finnish Memorial Day.
> …
> The application, to be filed within the next two or three days, marks a dramatic shift in Finnish security policy, away from its traditional military non-alignment. Finland and neighbouring Sweden have however long had “enhanced membership” in Nato’s Partnership for Peace programme since 2013 and regularly taken part in Nato-led operations and exercises.

Finland’s application to join NATO will be filed within the next 2-3 days.

The bit between application for membership and it being granted is, presumably, the most dangerous for Finland (and Sweden assuming it also applies to join, as is very likely) as a foolhardy Russia might try to attack before mutual Article 5 defence is in place – hence the UK/Finland and UK/Sweden mutual aid agreements signed last week:

I’m a bit confused about why this was necessary, though – I had understood that France has a tacit nuclear posture suggesting that it will respond to a nuclear attack on any EU state with nuclear force, and of course the EU treaties require all EU members to provide mutual aid. Is this just for extra reassurance given Brexit?

I have a funny story relating to this.

9 years ago, I was in lukio (the more ~~vocational~~ (my bad: no good direct translation here) academic-focused “high school” in Finland) and I remember in my English class our topic was politics. At the time I was still learning English and I had a vague-to-no idea about any politics, yet alone geopolitics, but we got an assignment to write about our opinion on NATO after we read a brief chapter on it.

I was vehemently against NATO on every aspect, arguing that it would ruin the relationships Finland has with Russia, it would be so many more endless wars and potentially just upset and provoke ~~daddy soviet~~ Russia in a bad way. And so, I forgot about this assignment. I was indifferent towards NATO for several years. Even up to this January I was very indifferent. But a month ago I found the assignment – and after seeing what Putin did to Ukraine, I started reading into the shady and subtle propaganda Russia had been pushing, I am flabbergasted on how much I had been affected my misinformation my whole life.

I can safely say I am now pro-NATO and I’m so glad to hear that my home country has finally applied to be a member. I can only applaud the government for how they’ve dealt with this and I’m glad to see the fellow Finns waking up to see the real danger next door.

I can only say congratulations Putin, you played yourself.

Torille hyväksyntähetkellä, vai nyt?
^(“To the marketplace at the acceptance moment, or now?”)

And let’s get started on the follow-up article: *”Russia threatens [insert bullshit] if Finland joins NATO.”*

Absolutely the right move. If you don’t have nukes or aren’t in NATO, Russia can’t be trusted.

As a Norwegian this is so great to see. Let’s hope Sweden follow suit so we can have a stronger Nordics under the same alliance.

I think it’s pretty cool how these world leaders are just casually making announcements and having press conferences in three different languages, with no need for a translator.

Poopin : Don’t join that gang that prevents me from invading you….or I will invade you!

Finland : Hrmmmm…..

One thing we should be thankful for is that Putin is so fucking *stupid.*

He’s bad enough as it is, but it would be worse if his idiot strategies weren’t constantly backfiring with disastrous results.

This invasion has given him literally *the exact opposite* of what he was trying to achieve, and every day the fucking imbecile continues to dig himself deeper and deeper.

As long as their beautiful president is asking, Finland should be allowed to join anything they want.

Is anyone else worried about what happens to NATO if the Republicans take back Congress and the White House?

Shout out to my man Putin for justifying 50 years of NATO expansion, increased militarization of NATO members and allies and ruining Russian inter-state relations with the rest of the world.

Well Putin.. in around 2 months, you were able to accomplish something for Finland that the country itself was probably never going to do.


And further down on that site is a report that the U.S. flew a refueling jet , a KC-135 , over Finland after the NATO announcement to state, and I paraphrase: “We got you, fam”


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