Is this supposed to make him seem to be fantastic ?

Is this intended to make him look excellent ?

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18 replies on “Is this supposed to make him seem to be fantastic ?”

He threatened to fire people because he waited in line for coffee? Or because they were waiting in line?

What? That just makes him seem crazy…

“Woke.” 🙄

Who is this moron that doesn’t understand that if Twitter turns into another Parler, people will leave in droves, making it yet another laughing stock of a right-wing social media platform.

It’s supposed to make him look “though”

They LOVE that macho “thoughness”. Though on drugs, though on crime, though though though.

Lol like any of those twitter employees would stay if that happened. They’re in high demand, it’s not like they would have trouble finding a similar job elsewhere

This would be one of the fastest ways to tank the company

Coffee drinking = WOKE

I mean, caffeine does keep you awake. That’s what it means, right?? It’s not just a meaningless buzzword used for everything and nothing???

Yes it is, conservatives have a hard life, and think that everyone else should also have a hard life. Its very puritanical, punishment is good, people need it, people need to know how replaceable they are…

Among the many ironies here is that you WANT the interns in line for coffee. That means the project managers and programmers aren’t waiting in line for their coffee.

Interns – especially unpaid ones – are great for that sort of thing. In fact, it’s basically all they’re supposed to be doing…

“Musk is such a terrible person, he fires people for stupid reasons.

Can’t wait!”

These people sure do love smelling Musk-y farts.

I see a lot of people in the thread trying to figure out what this is even about. My only guess is that interns are allowed to get coffee whenever they want, and don’t have to clock out/go on an official break for it. So the issue is a bunch of people all went at once and Elon expects them to see a long line and go “oh okay I’ll come back later *instead of wasting the valuable resources of an egomaniac billionair by not literally working for every single minute”*

Honestly this is something I could see some old bosses of mine giving us grief over, but threatening to fire *interns?* Not even full employees, probably already underpaid? I hope this story is fake for elon’s sake because man does it make him look petty.

I’m a hardware engineer, been one for 17 years, worked in different industries. When I left Sony I wanted to apply for a position at SpaceX, always wanted to work on a project that involved space, but then I read the horror stories about working for Elon… fuck no. I value my mental health so much more.

I’m always surprised by how much some people praise him.. dude is a fucking asshole and a horrible person, and this is before all this Twitter debacle, which regardless how much conservatives think this is driving us “insane”, I seriously don’t give a shit what this garbage of a human being does with his money.

Scumbag defending scumbag:

“Keith Rabois (born March 17, 1969) is an American technology executive and investor. He is currently a general partner at Founders Fund. He is widely known for his early-stage startup investments and his executive roles at PayPal, LinkedIn, Slide, and Square. Rabois invested in Yelp and Xoom prior to each company’s initial public offering (“IPO”) and sits on both companies’ boards of directors.[1][2] He is considered a member of the PayPal Mafia, a group that includes PayPal co-founders Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, Jawed Karim, and Elon Musk”

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