Introducing Google Wallet and developer API characteristics

Google is investing heavily in developing a leading, secure digital wallet for Android and Chrome customers, with a concentration on rapid and dependable consumer accessibility, complete coverage of wallet objects, and a seamless developer integration. Master much more about how to use the Google Wallet APIs to digitize tickets, loyalty cards, and substantially more. Explore the new Android SDK and further developer applications to simplify your integration.

Speakers: Kevin Flanagan, Petra Cross

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19 replies on “Introducing Google Wallet and developer API characteristics”

Why is Google pay or now Google wallet not available in luxembourg but available in every other european country ?
Also Apple pay is available since 2018 in luxembourg! Please bring Google pay also to luxembourg

If there is one antipattern in software, it is to make an app and the geography be tied together! A wallet is a type of browser, it does not have to have opinions about the locale, just support an open framework which should be developed by third parties. Otherwise these "wallets" are just jails. Also why is rooted phones not able to use wallet… just sad.

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