Interview clips with DiEM25 users on politics, life and everything else

These are the folks who are aiding to democratise the EU! Want to sign up for us? It can take just a number of seconds: part of !

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13 replies on “Interview clips with DiEM25 users on politics, life and everything else”

Can DiEM25 please make one of those cartoon videos explaining in simple language what Yanis V. was trying to achieve during his brief stint as Greece's Finance Minister during the Crisis. I'm tired of explaining it to my Greek Cypriot friends, family and colleagues. Would be really helpful.

Mr. Varoufakis almost destroyed Greece economically in his months as minister of economics. We were here. We lived it. Stop believing whatever words are coming out of this man's mouth. He did 100 billion euros damage to the Greek economy. It is on the news. You can look it up on the internet with details. Varoufakis' arrogance cost Greece 100 billion euros.

I live in Greece and fervently hope to see Varoufakis as the next Prime Minister. He knows you can't just knock the system down—what you can do is make key changes that build the world for people instead of destroying it.

My problem with these movements are 1. First Past The Post. Unless you help support and stand in a progressive primary that is run as single transferable vote, you simple dilute the alternative vote. 2. Voter Consumer Rights. Any movement will be infiltrated and undermined unless it has a few basic anti establishment SMART commitments that the candidate are requires to propose and support. At the moment DiEM25 is still using pledges which are demonstrable of no value.

i still haven't heard anyone explain when or how democracy is going to come to europe. voting for which master is not democracy, folks, it's just feudalism with arrows replaced by ballots, civil war replaced with elections. you can call this progress, but clearly it is leading humanity to extinction.

I am so glad DiEM exists. I am still reeling from the brexit vote 18 months on. I discovered DiEM before the vote, and immediately knew this is what I wanted. I also decided to read one of Yanis' books, which was so inspiring. I pushed home the issues about a different Europe, and hoped some of my fellow countrymen were listening; sadly not enough were. Now we look to the future, whatever it holds, brexit or no brexit (the latter, I hope, of course). But I am very pleased to be a part of a movement that is trying to change Europe, and therefore the world, for the good. As we stand we live in a very frightening world, and it is vital that the broad alliance that cares about people rather than profit, the environment rather than commerce, get together to try to stem the awful tide of neoliberalism and the greed of the few over the poverty of the many. Thanks so much, Yanis and Srecko for giving me inspiration and some hope after the doldrums of referendum.

i tried this new political movement ;unfortunately always the same pushy and stupid activists, as usually in political movements, no hope guys, don't go in, don't waste your time my friends

Thank you so much for the work you are doing. I have joined DIEM25 because I have read two of Yanis Varoufakis books, have followed Noam Chomsky for decades and have listened with growing hope and excitement to numerous videos with various members of the group speaking intelligently and passionately about social and economic change. I am an irish/english painter working on a series of social and political pieces and I am very inspired to be a part of DIEM25. I was also born on the island of Skopelos and count it as my home..I am not surprised that it takes a Greek to lead this movement! Thank you very much, Xante

I tuned of when people started to talk in indian has Europe gotten bigger or am I missing something hahaha first thing I think of when hearing India is oppression bad wages bad work conditions but that's just my point isn't diem25 suppose to focus on the lack of democracy in Europe??

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